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Jennifer was honored to have the privilege of interviewing this Madison Layle for Wild on Books!  Madison discusses her writing influences, the differences in working with a partner and writing solo, her upcoming releases and more!

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Posted June 29, 2008






























































:  Hi Madison!  As a long-time fan of your work, I am thrilled to interview you for Wild on Books! 

First off, how long have you been writing?  How long did it take you to be published the first time?

Madison:  Thanks, Jennifer. Iím glad to have this chance to chat with you and Wild on Books. I wrote my first short story romance just a few years ago. It was originally planned for a magazine, but when that didnít work out, I revised it to make it longer and sent it to a new publisher that Iíd heard about through my critique group. I was very fortunate that they liked it. Cobblestone Press published the story under the title, Diary of Dreams, which was in the summer of 2006. Itís been a crazy ride ever since then! 

:  I understand you grew up on a farm.  Do you think that farm life caused you to exercise your imagination any more or less than other kids? 

Madison:  Absolutely. When I was growing up, we kids didnít have video games or satellite TV with hundreds of channels. My parents encouraged me to read, and that eventually led to a strong interest in writing.  

Jennifer:  Your stories vary in genre from BDSM Romance to Paranormal Romance to Contemporary Romance.  Do you have a preference for what romantic sub-genres you write? 

Madison:  Itís a toss up between BDSM and Paranormal romance, because I love both, and when I can mix themÖ Well, that makes it even better! But I always make certain that romance is the primary focus. Sex is exciting and fun, but without a strong emotional commitment of the heart, the sex can prove meaningless. I donít shy away from erotic sensuality, or even a bit of fetish foreplay, but I wonít write stories without heart and meaning.

Jennifer:  Do you tend to read the same genres you write, or do you read other genres? 

Madison:  My favorites tend to be similar to the types I write, but Iíve read every subgenre of romance one can think of. Variety is what makes reading enjoyable.

Jennifer:  Every fan has to ask their favorite authors this question:  Who are your favorite authors to read? 

Madison:  LOL I think my answer is different every time I answer this question. It really depends on what Iím reading at any given moment. Over the years, Iíve enjoyed reading print books by Anne Rice and Sherilynn Kenyon, among others. But Iíve really loved reading books by Lori Leigh, Shelly Stevens, and Deanna Lee. My favorite story of all time, though, remains one written by Anna Leigh Keaton, who later became my writing partner. That story is Phantom Lover. Itís a really cool story.  

Jennifer:  Who or what has been your biggest writing influence? 

Madison:  Iíd have to say my mother for encouraging me to read when I was little. If she hadnít done that, I donít think I wouldíve become the writer I am today.

Jennifer:  You have co-written a number of books with Anna Leigh Keaton.  What challenges are there with working with a co-author and in what ways is it easier? 

Madison:  The easiest thing is being able to brainstorm ideas with someone, so writerís block is extremely rare for me. The hardest thing, which really isnít all that difficult, is that my co-writer is such a pantser, while Iím a plotter. I take the notes, including character worksheets and such, which keep us both on track, and she writes faster than I do, which prods me into action just to keep pace. Iím fortunate that my co-author and I think and write so much alike. We work really well together.

Jennifer:  Speaking of co-writing, the INCOGNITO series doesnít show signs of losing steam anytime soon.  Can you tell us how many future stories you have planned for this series? 

Madison:  Thatís a good question. When we first began our partnership on this series, Anna and I originally planned a trilogy, but that blossomed into an 8-book seriesÖand then that stretched into even more, with a 10th book coming out in June 2008. Thatís Sorenís Surrender, which is Anna Leighís solo book for the series. Owning Rachel is mine, while all of the rest have been co-authored. I canít really say when the series will end, except to say that it definitely will end when Anna and I canít ensure the same high level of unique, entertainment weíve been able to maintain thus far in the series.  

And for Wild on Books readers, I can announce that Anna Leigh wrote a short, erotic tale for Cobblestone Pressí new WICKED line that, after reading it, I talked her into releasing it as a prequel for a new Incognito story. The characters she came up with were so awesome, I thought their full story needed to be told. And weíve also co-written a Wicked short story as a prequel for another Incognito, which weíre writing now. How long Incognito will continue is anyoneís guess. But, as long as the ideas are still coming, weíll keep writing. 

Jennifer:  The INCOGNITO books center around a private BDSM club, but are most certainly what I would consider BDSM romances.  Are there limits to what elements you will include in these books? 

Madison:  BDSM takes sex far beyond typical lovemaking. Many consider it extreme, but thatís always been the challenge with this seriesÖhow best to push the envelope while staying true to our personal commitment to matters of the heart. So, while the limits are shoved higher than some might consider comfortable, I have to admit that, yes, there are some things youíll never see in an Incognito story, such as nonconsensual sex or sadism that causes permanent physical damage. Our goal is not to provide a how-to guide to BDSM, but to entertain readers by providing a romantic love story within the realm or subculture of BDSM.

Jennifer:  I believe I read that your INCOGNITO books were the first from Cobblestone Press to be in print.  That must have been exciting for you!  Will your other Cobblestone Press releases be in print soon as well? 

Madison:  Yes, it was! Anna and I were truly honored to hear that Cobblestone Press decided to take Incognito to print, and I hope itís the start of something that will see future Incognito stories in print. I believe it will, but thatís still an unknown. I would also like to add that our stories are also available for Amazonís Kindle!

Jennifer:  A number of your romances have included a mťnage theme with two men and one woman.  What do you think it is about this fantasy that intrigues so many women? 

Madison:  Probably the same reason men love the idea of having two women cater to their sensual fantasies. I think the idea of one man finding you attractive is great. If you add another man, itís twice as nice. So, by writing stories where the heroine finds herself in that situation, I provide a way for readers to sort of live vicariously through that heroine. Itís a way to explore oneís fantasies in a safe and fun way.

Jennifer:  Where do you find inspiration for your stories?  Do the characters come to you first or the plot? 

Madison:  That changes with every story. With Owning Rachel, I literally dreamed the story as if I were watching the triad of characters. It was a great dream (*big grin*), and it made me want to write the story as soon as I woke up, but I didnít even know the charactersí names until after I started writing. With Seducing Olivia, their names came first because theyíd appeared as secondary characters in Rachelís story. But with one of my latest novels, Seductionís Bite, the plot came to me first. It pits a female vampire hunter with a justifiable hatred for vamps against a vampire who is sent to recruit her.

Jennifer:  Is music a factor for you while you are writing?  Do certain songs put you in the right frame of mind to right certain stories? 

Madison:  Sometimes, yes, but I find that music with words tends to distract me, so I prefer instrumental.

Jennifer:  What career goals do you still have to look forward to? 

Madison:  As with most writers, Iíd like to earn additional print contracts, but my primary goal is to keep the story ideas coming. Hopefully I can do that and continue to earn a living doing what I love to do most, and that to write.  

Jennifer:  You have a new solo release with Cobblestone Press in the EROTIC BITES series.  What can you tell us about SEDUCTIONíS BITE

Madison:  With Seductionís Bite, I get to combine my love of vampires with a bit of fetish fun. When I write, I love to challenge myself, and this story proved quite challenging. The heroine, Cheyenne Logan, suffered a terrible life-altering tragedy at the hands of a rogue vampire. She literally hates them, doesnít trust them, and wants to kill every one she can find. So, I just had to make her hero a vampire! Kieran is a vampire with his own problems. He uses sex to give him a reason to live on as something he never wanted to be, but heís haunted by a loss that wonít permit him to commit his whole heart to anyone, much less a human. The story really kicks into a higher gear though when heís sent to recruit her into an underground organizationÖwithout getting himself killed, of course. Seducing her into his world doesnít come easy, but thatís what makes the whole adventure thrilling.

Jennifer:  Of course, we want to hear about your summer release as well Ė can you talk a bit about RAJANíS HOPE

Madison:  Oh, Rajan! Heís a very powerful genie with a serious problem. Centuries ago, he thought he had everything he could possibly dream of. He was worshipped as a fertility god, with his every sexual whim catered to by sacrificial virgins whom he kept in his harem. But he was cursed, which turned him into a stone statue. His only chances to break the never-ending cycle is during a 10-day period each time a woman touches him and wishes him alive. His hope lies in his ďmistressĒ, only his latest heroine is unlike any heís encountered before. Caitlin is a feisty modern-day businesswoman trying to make it on her own. She doesnít believe in wishful thinking or magical freebies, but she winds up with much more than she bargained for when her statue comes alive and vows to fulfill her every Ďwishí. 

Seductionís Bite and Rajanís Hope are both available now at www.Cobblestone-Press.com, and you can read more about all of my solo and co-written novels at www.MadisonLayle.com

:  What other projects do you have planned in the near future? 

Madison:  Believe it or not, I have six writing projects underway as we speak, including book #2 in the Erotic Bites series, the next story in the Incognito series, and several other solo projects, so thereís quite a lot to keep me busy for the rest of this year and then some. (And Iím not even counting a new series that my co-writer and I have already plotted! Egads, I need a clone! LOL)

Jennifer:  What would your fans find interesting or surprising about you? 

Madison:  Oh, dear. This is always such a hard question to answer, because I donít know what fans might find ďinterestingĒ or ďsurprisingĒ. When Iím not writing, Iím addicted to word puzzles. See? Not all that amazing, is it? Hehehe. Okay. Well, Iím really a down to earth kind of person who is very happily married to the love of my lifeÖa man who loves it when I write the hotter scenes in my erotic romances. Iíll let you read between the lines on that one. LOL

Jennifer:  If they made a movie of your life, what would it be called?   

Madison:  Incognito, of course! LOL.   

Jennifer:  Madison, thank you so much for your time.  Is there anything else you would like to share with us in this interview? 

Madison:  Thank you! I do want to say that I enjoy hearing from readers, so if I may, Iíd like to share these links. You can always reach me online at my various Internet haunts:



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