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Burning Alive
 The Sentinel Wars, Book 1

Shannon K. Butcher

















Release Date:
May 5, 2009

Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Time Travel
Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
April 2009


Sitting in a plain but utilitarian country diner, Helen Day comes face to face with her destiny. For years she has seen her death in her sleep - she knows how she dies and she knows who stands in front of her and lets her die - she just doesn't know when it is going to happen. As a victim of two house fires, she is petrified of fire - with good reason considering the nightmare she has every single time she falls asleep. Because of this fear, when she notices the dark haired man across the restaurant, her heart jumps and her pulse races. He is the one she has seen in her dreams at night - the man that will be responsible for her death. AND he is walking across the room heading right towards her!

Theronai warrior Drake is a Sentinel with the duty of protecting humans from demonic killers known as the Synestryn. He has spent hundreds of years in pain - so much pain that anguish is his middle name on more days than not. Given the charge of protecting humans from murderous demons is not something he takes lightly so he doesn't give in to his anguish and suffering. Something funny happens when he sees a beautiful woman across the eating establishment and Drake must find out if what he is feeling is true. He goes to the woman and with one touch Drake's agony fades. There is just one problem - the woman he is touching is almost catatonic with fear - fear towards him. Knowing he could never hurt such a woman, Drake tries to talk to her. Suddenly, however, the diner explodes in a fury of fire. Unwilling to part with the only woman in history who has helped his pain, Drake takes her with him to a safe house. There they will try and find out exactly what is going on and why he is no longer in pain. What they find out changes their lives forever.

BURNING ALIVE by Shannon K. Butcher was fabulous! Intense non-stop action with romantic interludes that were smoking hot kept my attention the entire book. Drake and Helen were brought together but the one thing that scared her. She was brave and loyal to the point of forgetting about her safety. Her nightmares were horrendous and had it been me, I would have not been able to function, much less be able to help fight demons able to suck the souls out of humans. Drake is a seasoned warrior who has been fighting to keep humans safe for hundreds of years. His loyalty to his fellow Sentinels is noteworthy. His love for Helen, however, is much more. She becomes the reason he lives - pain free - for the first time in forever. He doesn't understand why until he gets to know her better and he does, intimately. Scorching hot love scenes are at home in BURNING ALIVE and the touches, sighs, and intimate look at Helen and Drake's love made me sweat.

I really like the new world that Shannon K. Butcher has invented for this brand new series. The warriors are alpha, steadfast, and sexy. Their treatment of their mates was what shined through on every page of this book. Helen was Drake's mate and as such, she was a woman to be treasured above all others. Their connection was instantaneous and smoldering hot - despite the fear Helen showed at the beginning. Fear that she soon learned was for naught, thank goodness.

Magic abounds in BURNING ALIVE and adds a new depth to the story. A paranormal novel worthy of any library, I am thoroughly hooked on this new series. Who doesn't like manly dominant heroes fighting demonic and rage filled demons? Not me - I adore them. Soaking up BURNING ALIVE like I was the one on fire, this book consumed me for hours. I loved every single word.




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