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Desire Untamed
Feral Warriors, Book 1

Pamela Palmer

























Release Date:
June 30, 2009

Paranormal Romance Urban Fantasy Contemporary Romance
 Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
July 2009


The Therians, along with their animal counterparts, the Feral Warriors, have been protecting the uninformed world from evil beings known as draden for hundreds of years.  They guard the Daemon blade in their possession because to lose it would mean giving the draden hordes the ability to free their vile leader, Satanan.  The Feral Warriors’ numbers have dwindled to almost nothing – nine warriors are all that is left standing between good and evil but they have not been unaffected.  Their Radiant, the woman they need to channel their energy to shape shift, has died and without her they are unable to shift and these alpha males grow more animalistic with each sunrise.  When the ritual they invoke to find their Radiant reveals her presence, Lyon, the leader of the warriors volunteers to bring the newly found Radiant home to their compound.  Lyon, with the king of the jungle shifting in his veins, is surprised to find that the Radiant he and his warriors need has been raised as a human and has no idea how important she will become – especially to him.   

Kara MacAllister’s life changes in an instant when she finds a huge man in her home.  Taking care of her mother, Kara grows more despondent as her mother’s health worsens.  She is having a hard time concentrating and is unable to settle her moods.  Further angered by the striking man’s adamant orders to leave with him, Kara doesn’t know why her heart races or why just the touch of this man alone seems to calm her.  With visions of lust, warriors, and seemingly the whole world’s weight on her shoulders, Kara finally leaves with him – she needs answers, right? Only the answers she and Lyon find are far from what they both desire.  With malevolence afoot and nine warriors barely holding onto their humanity, Kara must learn her duties as the Radiant to save not only herself, but the man and his band of warriors from succumbing to the malevolence that is trying to break free inside of them. 

Lyon, or Roar as his fellow warriors call him, is earthy and a true leader.  Loyal and a steadfast leader, Lyon knows that Kara is his – and for that alone I loved him.   Circumstances were not as they seemed and when Kara and he finally give in to the lust that has been raging through their bodies for days, the results were scorching hot.  Each touch, each caress, and each kiss they shared combined their souls.  Kara was an extremely strong female character.  Thrown into a world she did not understand, I found her brave and curious.  Her attraction to Lyon was undeniable, pure and simple.  She loved her lion and with clear resolve knew that she had to help him. 

DESIRE UNTAMED is a strong first release to this tantalizing and animalistic series.  Each character’s name is a clue as to which animal they are able to become when shifted.  The men strive to be close but each is so very different that I found it almost overwhelming to keep up with them – however, that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of DESIRE UNTAMED.  In fact, it made me want to read more of these interesting and unpredictable men.  Just their names alone is enough to make a grown woman swoon and when you combine their animals with their human souls, I guarantee you won’t want to miss a single word of DESIRE UNTAMED

DESIRE UNTAMED is the first book of Pamela Palmer’s Feral Warriors series.  The second and third installments, Obsession Untamed and Passion Untamed, are set for release within the next two months.  What more can a paranormal romance ask for? Gritty, raw, passionate, and full of desire and unexpected twists and turns, DESIRE UNTAMED is definitely a keeper to be read over and over again! It was outstanding!



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