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Ashes of Midnight
The Midnight Breed, Book 6

Lara Adrian


















Release Date:
May 26, 2009

Urban Fantasy Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
April 2009


Claire Roth is planning a commemorative garden when her bodyguards interrupt and urge her to leave her home and flee to safety.  Claire doesn’t want to leave but does what she is told.  She is almost at the end of her driveway when the night explodes in a fury of fire and lightening. Her bodyguards are dead and Claire has no choice but to try to head back to her home.  Not knowing who is responsible for the carnage, Claire is speechless when an angry and vengeful vampire steps out of the fire. The smoking vampire is none other than Andreas Reichen, the man she has never stopped loving, even after thirty years.

Andreas Reichen is hot – literally. His ability to bring fire is one secret that he has kept hidden for decades.   With the slaughter of his Darkhaven, Andreas’ anger knows no bounds.  He will exact his revenge on the person responsible – Wilhelm Roth – even if he has to use Wilhelm’s Breedmate Claire to do it. 

Sparks fly in ASHES OF MIDNIGHT. Andreas is ready, willing, and able to get his revenge on the man that ordered the death of his Darkhaven friends and family.  In the last thirty years, Andreas has been able to control his pyrotechnic abilities but no longer.  With the carnage of his dead relatives around him, Andreas is unable to contain his fury – so, he lets it fly.  It is an amazing sight – one that I will have to read over and over again.

Andreas’ fury makes ASHES OF MIDNIGHT somewhat darker than the other five Midnight Breed installments. I welcomed the storyline because I knew there was more to Andreas than the hints we were given in other books. I knew his past had to have shaped his future and just how much is one of the things I learned in ASHES OF MIDNIGHT.  Andreas was still dreamy and amazingly hot, no pun intended! His mourning for his dead family and friends endeared him to me and I wanted to grab him and hug him tight. Then again, Claire might have had something to say about that.  I wanted to stay mad at her for marrying Wilhelm. I really and truly did.  However, the more I read and learned exactly what her life was like and how devastated she was after her love affair with Andreas ended, I understood.  Their happily ever after more than made up for any trepidation I felt towards the new Mrs. Reichen. 

Totally combustible, ASHES OF MIDNIGHT is definitely a keeper to be read over and over.  Take the fiery passions of the characters, add in the smoldering and intense sexual tension of both, step back, and just watch the story explode.  ASHES OF MIDNIGHT is a extremely bright and shining star in Ms. Adrian’s wonderful series – I could not put it down.

I highly recommend reading The Midnight Breed series in order starting with: 

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Kiss of Crimson, Dante and Tess
Midnight Awakening, Tegan and Elise
Midnight Rising, Rio and Dylan
Veil of Midnight, Nikolai and Renata
Ashes of Midnight, Andreas and Claire





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