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Secret Life of a Vampire
Love at Stake, Book 6

Kerrelyn Sparks



















Release Date:
March 31, 2009

Paranormal Romance Vampire
Shape Shifter Contemporary Romance
 Time Travel
Fantasy Romance Humorous


Bookmark Rating:

4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
April 2009


Giacomo, or rather, Jack de Venezia is the illegitimate son of Casanova.  As such, he is supposed to follow in his famous father’s footsteps and be a lover of all women.  He is, just sometimes he is sad because the women he has loved in his two hundred plus years were never able to accept what he was – a vampire.  And his being alone is never more predominant than now when he is throwing a bachelor party for Ian MacPhie.  With Blissky flowing and VANNAs throughout the room to entertain, the party gets a bit out of hand and the police are called.  Lucky for the vampires attending the party that human minds can be controlled, right?  That’s what Jack thinks. Too bad he is oh so wrong.

Enter one police officer unlike any Jack has ever seen – Lara Boucher.  No matter what he tries to do, he can’t control her mind or hear her thoughts.  The fact that she is stunningly beautiful doesn’t go unnoticed either.  Jack knows that it would never work out between him, a vampire who dies during the day, and Lara, a human cop.  His mind knows this but his heart refuses to listen.  His fellow vampires try to warn him away from Lara but he can’t help himself.  Her suspicious nature is leery of the man he is but her romantic side wants Jack as much as he wants her.

With the vampires of McKay Security still trying to hunt and get rid of Malcontents, now is definitely not the best time for Jack and Lara to fall in love – especially since women who look like Lara are disappearing at a rapid rate off college campuses.  Jack vows to keep her safe even when she takes a risky undercover case.  Jack isn’t happy with her decision and stubbornness but he does love her and because of this, he is willing to fight for the life they can have together.  Now if he can keep Lara alive long enough to get her to commit to it.

Kerrelyn Sparks’ vampires are just so much fun.  With insanely hilarious scenes such as the bachelor party in each book, I can’t help but be addicted to her entire Love at Stake series of books.  SECRET LIFE OF A VAMPIRE made me laugh out loud – I kept picturing sexually stimulated vamps feeding off of the plastic VANNAs and would just giggle.

With another vampire succumbing to love, Jack finds himself a bit sad that he does not have a woman to cherish – the ones he trusted with the truth of what he is ran hard and fast away from him so it is hard for him to trust – not to mention dangerous.  That doesn’t stop Jack from falling in love with Lara Boucher.  Lara is curious about Jack as soon as she meets him. Well, maybe not curious. She was suspicious. Because of this, she was the one person that Jack couldn’t control with his mind and that reason alone made this beautiful ex beauty queen stand out.

With dreamy and playful love scenes and a well written and fabulous plot, SECRET LIFE OF A VAMPIRE is a worthy addition to my keeper shelf.  Kerrelyn Sparks has the gift of taking a normally dark and dangerous type of character and making them loveable and realistic.  I feel like I could walk down the street at night and meet one of her characters.  I can’t recommend her books enough – but I do recommend reading them in order! 



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