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Mark of the Demon

Diana Rowland

















Bantam Dell

Release Date:
June 23, 2009

Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance Romantic Suspense


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
May 2009


It should have been just a routine summoning.  Kara Gillian has been conjuring demons for a good while now.  One night she is practicing her skills in order to summon a low level demon and the unexpected and dangerous happens – instead of a fourth level demon walking through the portal she invoked, Rhyzkahl, a Lord of Demon appears instead. Knowing full well she is probably going to die, Kara is unprepared but utterly captivated by the deceptively beautiful demon.  One scorching hot sexual encounter later, Kara is unsure of what just happened or why he demands that she call him.  With his instructions in her mind, Kara heads into work where she is assigned her first murder case.  Having recently been promoted to investigator, Kara is given the duty of finding and arresting a serial killer who has been dubbed, ‘The Symbol Man’. The Symbol Man has killed thirteen people and more are turning up dead.  Things in Beaulac, Louisiana are about to get very interesting.

floored me. Completely. I could NOT put this book down for a single minute.  Kara was born into a family of women who practice the occult and summon demons.  She lives alone out in the country so that her nocturnal activities will not be witnessed by anyone.  Enter Special Agent Ryan Kristoff.  Readers are given a hint of romance between these two characters and then Ms. Rowland throws a huge wrench into the storyline that I did not see coming. Ryan is an FBI investigator who has been asked to assist on the case that Kara is working on. To complicate matters further, he also dabbles in the occult and is small time summoner.  With Ryan on her side, and help from Rhyzkahl in her dreams, Kara is determined to find The Symbol Man – before he finds her.

I loved the character of Kara.  I found her a mix between princess and tom-boy.  She wasn’t afraid to get dirty but she was still girly enough to worry about how she looked.  Ryan was a top notch FBI agent and his treatment of Kara evolved in the pages of MARK OF THE DEMON despite the fact that Ryan’s and Kara’s association starts out a bit shaky.  Each officer doesn’t trust the other but as events unfold, the two grow closer.  Their on-the-job connection begins to turn into something more and I look forward to exploring their relationship with them in future releases. 

For a first release, Diana Rowland’s MARK OF THE DEMON begins strong and continues to kick-butt the entire book. Action, arcane witchcraft, demons, and dream travel – I can’t rave about MARK OF THE DEMON enough.  Part urban fantasy, part romantic suspense, MARK OF THE DEMON will grab you, keep you enthralled, and take every single thing you think you know about this fabulous book and surprise you completely. 

Take a chance on Diana Rowland’s first release, MARK OF THE DEMON.  You will be glad you did – I know I was. 





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