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The First Sin
A Lexi Steele Novel, Book 1

Cheyenne McCray

















Release Date:
February 3, 2009

Contemporary Romance
 Romantic Suspense Thriller


Bookmark Rating:

4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
April 2009


A former sniper, Lexi Steele has spent the last few years of her life doing all she can do to forget mistakes she made that almost cost her everything.  Now Lexi is an agent for a covert group that specializes in sex crimes and human trafficking. Lexi is great at what she does Ė she finally is able to sleep most of the night without nightmares but in the blink of an eye, her life changes when she comes face to face with Nick Donovan, an alpha male to the core as well as the brother of her latest assignment. 

Nick Donovanís sister has been kidnapped and nothing anyone can say will make him give up on finding her.  Knowing that his dominance will be an asset, Nick goes to the supervisors of RED, Lexiís employers, and offers his help.  Fate is shining on Mr. Donovan because not only is he allowed in but he is also told to work with Lexi Steele.  Nick canít wait to get started on their cover story Ė he is a Dom and she is his submissive Ė at least that is what he keeps telling himself when all he really wants to do is hole up with Miss Lexi and stay there forever. 

Lexi and Nick have to make their cover story believable in order to catch the bad guys.  Each does their best to not involve their hearts but some things just canít be ignored and in Nick and Lexiís case, love will not be denied.

Cheyenne McCray has a way of writing about dominance and submission that makes me shiver in delight every single time I read one on her books.  Her heroes are alpha to the bone and her heroines are self-sufficient and enticing.  THE FIRST SIN is such a book and Nick and Lexi are exactly the type of characters I crave for my hero and heroine.  Lexiís single mindedness over her investigation raised my eyebrows more than once but her character just clicked with me. I could relate to her and I could feel the yearning inside of her to be Ďnormalí.  Nick Donovan could talk a nun out of her habit he is so dreamy.  He is loyal to his sister and his never give up attitude carried THE FIRST SIN that much more. 

With intense passion and suspense and a lead cast of characters that enticed me into wanting THE FIRST SIN to go on forever, Cheyenne McCray has penned one of the finest books I have read this year.  Non-stop action with smoldering hot love scenes completes this marvelous addition to my keeper shelf.  Donít miss THE FIRST SIN by the talented Cheyenne McCray Ė it is an excellent read!



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