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Claimed by the Wolf
Shadow Guardians, Book 1

Charlene Teglia
























St. Martin's Griffin

Release Date:
December 8, 2009

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
December 2009


Sybil is a witch – just not a very good one.  She doesn’t know of any spells or magical recipes that she can use to better herself in the eyes of her coven.  Stopping at a yard sale, she comes across a very old book and instantly buys it and takes it home with her hoping to find something in it that will help her become a more proficient witch.  Sybil begins reading one of the spells and unknowingly opens a gate in the Shadow Realm inadvertently releasing demons into the world.  Begging the goddess for forgiveness, Sybil is taken by Kenrick, a Shadow Guardian, to the realm where he and four other shadow guardians maintain order by controlling the gates to the demon world. 

Unsure of why she has been taken to the shadow world, Sybil is confused but soon learns that the goddess has decided to take pity of her for her ignorance and in doing so gives Sybil her duties – she is to stay with the five Shadow Guardians and help close the gate she opened.  To do this, she must become a warrior like the five men – only her initiation is a bit different.  To stay in their realm and become a Shadow Guardian, Sybil must complete the ritual to prove her worthiness in the eyes of the five men.  The ritual includes spending twenty four hours with each man doing anything required of her, including sex.  Something that Sybil doesn’t think she will have any trouble with but has no idea what to expect.  Falling in love wouldn’t be wise – especially now but Sybil’s heart thinks otherwise and Kenrick is the man she wants above all the others.  He seems to feel the same but he refuses to trust Sybil after having been deceived by a traitorous witch many millennia ago. 

At first I was uncertain Sybil would be able to keep her part of the bargain that she made with Inanna, the goddess.  How many women would be able to keep up with five men? Well, it seems that Sybil is an extraordinary woman.  She is strong, smart, and while afraid at times, she puts her best foot forward and in doing so, finds different things about each of the Shadow Guardians she spends time with to love.  The men in turn, treat her respectfully but not with kid gloves.  They are demanding, highly sexual, and each man has a totally different personality with various quirks added in to make even the coldest woman capitulate to their charms.  Kenrick, however, is the Shadow Guardian that stood out for me.  He is often snarly, is very alpha, and his trust level concerning Sybil is below zero.  I enjoyed watching this primal man begin to fall in love – his confusion over his feelings for Sybil were realistic and very down to earth. His admitting he loved Sybil made me laugh in delight at how the mighty fall. 

If hot sex with five sexy men is your idea of a fabulous book then CLAIMED BY THE WOLF is the book for you.  Charlene Teglia has written an extremely erotic, sensual, and devilishly sexy novel with CLAIMED BY THE WOLF.  The love scenes scorched the pages more than once but most of all, the plot was engaging and believable.  Once again Ms. Teglia comes through with a superb story that I have had to read more than once.  With one warrior succumbing to love, I can’t wait to see what happens to the four men left! 





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