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Dangerous as Sin

Alix Rickloff

















Release Date:
July 7, 2009

Historical Romance Paranormal Romance Shape Shifter


Bookmark Rating:

4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
June 2009


Morgan Bligh is secretly in love.  While she canít tell anyone about the joy she feels, she can at least admire Cameron Sinclair from afar.  Morgan overhears several people discussing the man in question and she doesnít respond but when she hears that her lover is married, her world comes crashing down on her. Feeling like the worst fool and heartbroken, Morgan escapes  to the garden and does the forbidden Ė she escapes the only way she knows how Ė by letting out her inner wolf.

Cameron Sinclair has spent the last six months drunk.  Not because of his now deceased wife, but because he is upset that her death means he is finally free of the pain of being married to a woman he could not stand.  It is like he has been let out of prison.  With the arrival of his friend Brock, Cameron finds out his drinking days are over, at least for now, because he is needed in London.  Arriving at his appointment, he is disturbed by the presence of an extremely large woman Ė a veritable Amazon of sorts.  It is who comes into the room after Cameron that has his attention Ė and his love.  Morgan and Cameron are to be partners in a search for men disappearing from the army.  Rumors abound that evil has invaded the men in her Majestyís service.  Cameronís assassin skills will come in handy, there is no way he would ever let Morgan be hurt.  Hopefully the time together will erase some of the hatred she feels towards him.  At least that is what he hopes.   

DANGEROUS AS SIN grabs you immediately once you start reading.  Morganís pain at finding out the lover she adores is married broke my heart and I felt her pain.  No matter that Cameron didnít love the women who shared his name; I do think he should have told her that he had a wife.  Morgan, however, was stronger than I because I would have forgiven Cameron way too easily just on the fact alone that he was sexy, passionate, and a charming rogue.  He wanted a second chance with Morgan and their mission gave that to him.  Trying to get into Morganís good graces was harder than Cam realized but he didnít give up.  

With a gripping plot,
DANGEROUS AS SIN explores the paranormal.  Morgan is an Other.  Her fighting skills are honed and ready to be used. I thought her characterization just about perfect because she was able to take care of herself without being to boyish and above all, she still loved Cameron and with the life that he had, he needed someone to love and cherish him. 

Alix Rickloff has a winner with
DANGEROUS AS SIN.  It is compelling and passionate, intriguing and romantic.  There was nothing about this book that I didnít like.  Coming in July, 2009, donít miss DANGEROUS AS SIN.  Readers will be totally captivated with this striking and highly intense story. I know I was!



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