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Del Fantasma Collection

Selena Illyria













Aspen Mountain Press

Release Date:
November 2008

Paranormal Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

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Review Posted:
December 2008


Just in case you didnít hear me say it the first few times, Iím a big fan of the DEL FANTASMA collection of stories.   A number of different authors contribute and all of the stories proceed from the same premise Ė Cody, the owner of a bar called DEL FANTASMA, plays matchmaker.  He sets people up by giving the hero or heroine a special drink.  The drink predicts what each person wants.  In this new story by Selena Illyria, Cody fixes a Mudslide for Pietro, King of the Demons, and hands him a white envelope Ė an invitation to a wedding of two Del Fantasma employees. 

Pietro, who is looking for a mate, thinks Cody is crazy.  He needs to mate a demoness, so why would he go to a human wedding?  As always, Cody knows best.  Pietro finds Callisto Monroe.  When a drunken groomsman tries to pick her up, Pietro comes to her rescue.  Once he gets his hands on her, Pietro doesnít let go, even though he knows that a human canít survive the demonís world, particularly when that demon is taking the throne. 

Callisto understands demons.  She is a liaison between the world of humans and the Other Worlds.  But she doesnít know exactly who Pietro is, until much, much later.  When their future is in endangered. 

I knew I would like Pietro from the moment I met him.  After all, donít you admire a man that has the cojones to go to a strangerís wedding alone?  I liked that he was willing to go because he trusted Cody and was open to different options. From the moment he sees Callisto, Pietro uses everything heís got to get her into his bed.  And heís got a lot to use Ö including a very unique mind-body connection.  

Callisto is not sure sheís doing the right thing, even when she agrees to spend the weekend with Pietro.  Sheís got some bad history and has trouble accepting that she can have attention without paying a high price or suffering pain.   Despite her apprehension, she cannot stop her reaction to Pietro.  Her fears donít magically go away Ė she and Pietro have to deal with them together.   

From the moment they meet to the end of the story, Pietro and Callisto are smoking hot.  This is definitely Erotica, considering how much time the two of them spend either talking about sex or having it.  But the story is more as well Ė each of them has to find a way to get past their preconceptions about what they can have and what they want before they can arrive at their HEA. 

I didnít rate this story a solid 5, because I thought the very last few pages of the story could have been left off.  I was distracted by the ending Ė it seemed to me to be a little too mundane.  Nonetheless, I highly recommend MUDSLIDE to anyone who likes hot women, hotter men, and sex guaranteed to melt your underthings!



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