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Full Moon Fever

Sabrina Luna
















Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date:
October 2008

Shape Shifter
Paranormal Romance


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October 2008


Jacqueline ďJacĒ Hamilton is a reporter for InsideView magazine.  Her editor sends her to do an article on a werewolf spotted in Heather Grove.  A werewolf?  Jac thinks her editor may be a bit off his rocker with this one, but sheís willing to give it her best shot for a chance to get a full-time columnist position.  More time for herself, more time to write a novel, itís all good.  

On the way to Heather Grove, Jac gets into a car accident that lands her in the ditch.  Her computer is fine, but her car is a wreck.  Enter Ray McShaw. Ray is a sithech Ė a werewolf Ė descended from the Scottish families who settled Heather Grove.  He is also a pack guardian with a great deal of responsibility.  Heís become a man all about the responsibility, leaving little time for himself.  Heís watched those around him find their mates and itís making him wonder about his own future.  Add the full moon fever and the sparks start to fly the moment Jac and Ray meet.  

There are a couple of problems though.  Jac is human and Ray is not Ė how does he tell her about the sithech part of himself, especially when he needs to hide the truth to prevent her from exposing their secrets in the article?  Thereís also that wolf that keeps trying to kill Jac.  The road to true love has some really big speed bumps. 

Sabrina Luna creates a complex and interesting back story for Jac and Ray.  The sithech population of Heather Grove traces its roots back to Scotland.  The families emigrated and founded Heather Grove as a safe haven for the sithech.  The sithech society, only a part of Heather Grove, is also well developed.  These people have the bonds of their shared blood as well as their small community to shelter their place in the world.  As I read about Heather Grove and its people, I could see myself living there.  Except for the cold.  And the snow.  *shudder* 

Jacís arrival, and her plan to write a story about werewolves, endangers their secret.   How far are people willing to go to keep it?  Apparently someone may be willing to kill Jac to do it. 

Jac is a woman whoís been consumed by her work.  She doesnít go anywhere without her computer and her story files.  I liked her ambition and her dedication to getting the job done, even if she had questions about her editorís sanity.  She isnít some paparazzi rag reporter.  I could see her as a full time columnist or an author of the great American novel. If she did it, she would succeed. 

Predictably, Jac hasnít paid attention to men for awhile.  Quite a while.  When Ray enters her life, her fall is inevitable.  It doesnít hurt that Ray is also her mate.  And Ray is the perfect man.  A sexy protective Alpha male who sets Jac on fire while he cooks and talks about emotions.  Their developing bond requires Jac to find a way to protect the werewolves of Heather Grove while still trying to keep her career on track.  Ray has to find a balance between his need for Jac and his duties as pack guardian.  Their relationship is intense, but marked by true tenderness and moments of humor.   

I did have some concerns with the editing of the book, which is why I didnít rate it higher than 4 Bookmarks.  I found consistency problems about once a chapter that made me stop and back up, thinking Iíd missed something, or making me wonder what the author meant by that.  In a couple of places, the language errors were so odd that I found myself sidetracked. 

And thatís a shame because FULL MOON FEVER is a story that deserves to have the readerís full attention.



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