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Del Fantasma Collection

Jet Mykles















Aspen Mountain Press

Release Date:
October 24, 2008

Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance
Gay/Lesbian M/M


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

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Review Posted:
November 2008


Jet Mykles provides a hot new addition to this series.  If youíre read any of these before, you know that different authors contribute stories to the series and all of the stories proceed from the same premise Ė Cody, the owner of a bar called DEL FANTASMA, plays matchmaker.  He sets people up by giving the hero or heroine a special drink.  The drink predicts what each person wants.  Or is going to get, whether they want it or not. 

Jack is a UNICORN.  Yes, a led around by a Virgin, horn on the forehead Unicorn.  Heís also a shapeshifter and irresistible.  Scott is a virgin Ė pure of body, pure of soul and pure of heart.  He comes to DEL FANTASMA to get his brother Bryan.  Car trouble, donít you know.  When Jack realizes that Scott is there, Jack doesnít want him.  Too bad.  When a virgin appears and touches, the Unicorn has no choice.  He belongs to the depths of his soul.   

Jack treasures his freedom and tries to avoid the Virgin staring him in the face.  But in Del Fantasma, if Cody hands you the drink, game over.  However, in this story, it isnít Cody that brought them together Ė he just saw what was happening.  In this story, there are dangerous forces at work and Scott or Jack could die.   

In Jet Mykleís telling of the Virgin and the UNICORN, the Virgin is pure but the Unicorn is not. When we meet Jack, he is getting down and dirty and loving every minute of it.  Jack is a man of diverse tastes.  And beautiful.  So very beautiful.  At first, itís all about the beauty on the outside and what Jack does with it.  When he meets Scott, itís all about the beauty on the inside too.  From that first moment, Jack belongs to Scott and wants to love every inch of him.  Now, remember that Virgin part?  Scottís introduction to sex is amazingly tender.  And, as the dangers unfold, Jack will lay down his life, if necessary, to protect his Virgin. 

When we first meet Scott, he is the classic trembling Virgin, who needs to be protected and reassured.  Heís put himself out there to help his brother, but he doesnít like to be out in public where he feels unsafe.  And there is a lot of dysfunction in the family, but Scott is willing to take risks for those he loves even when he knows something is just not right.   Heís suspicious of everyone, even Jack at first.  Jack has to find the way to gain Scottís trust.  And in doing so, finds his way into Scottís heart and body.  And in the end, Scott is willing to lay down his life to protect the Unicorn. 

I struggled a little with this story - what happens when the Virgin isnít so innocent in body anymore?  I mean Ö címon Ö this is Jet Mykles we are talking about here.  Hot sex goes hand in hand with great stories.  I struggled for a bit to put the whole purity thing into context.  Still not sure I got it completely right, but Iím willing to go with it for the sake of this story. 

Finally, remember those dangerous forces at work?  Jet Mykles manages to put a new spin on the power of the Unicorn to seduce, to addict and to sacrifice. 

This is another must read story in the DEL FANTASMA series.



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