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A Pirate’s Hellion

Jaden Sinclair














Lyrical Press

Release Date:
December 1, 2008

Historical Romance


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December 2008


Henry Graham has lost and lost and lost in his card game with Captain Dantel “Snake” Le Serpente, a pirate.  When Henry finally gets a good hand, he bets his 16 year old daughter Izzy … and promptly loses the hand.  When the pirate tries to collect, Graham and his daughter are gone.  

Flash forward three years – Snake finds Izzy and her father, hiding out on an island.  It’s time for him to collect on the debt, particularly since he hasn’t been able to think of anyone other than Izzy for three long years.  Izzy has no idea she belongs to the pirate.  In fact, she doesn’t want to belong to anyone.  She’s busy fighting off her father’s efforts to see her married to the man who holds the largest gambling debt.  Her choice to remain free of any man is taken away from her when Snake storms the castle.  Literally.  

Snake and Izzy fight a battle for supremacy and, eventually, get their HEA.  But not without epic battles between the sexes. 

I almost never read historicals, because I have trouble dealing with some of the attitudes and behaviors that were acceptable then but which make me howl in outrage anyway.  When this story came out, I decided to give it a try because I like Jaden Sinclair’s other books.  And really … who hasn’t dreamed about being stolen away by the handsome pirate?  I’m pleased to say, I enjoyed A PIRATE’S HELLION a lot. 

Jaden Sinclair creates fascinating and strong characters.  The pirate is a man who is used to giving commands and being obeyed immediately and without question.  Talk about an uber-Alpha male.  He finds his match in Izzy.   Spoiled and seductively beautiful, she’s perfectly willing to slap him upside the head with great frequency.   Kind of a Scarlett O’Hara on the high seas. 

When the two of them spar, the sparks fly all over the place.  Snake is reduced to making outrageous threats to get Izzy to go along with him, even though he never has to follow through on most of them.  In fact, Izzy barely gives him a chance to think before her next act of defiance.  Depending on your outlook, you could cheer for either of them. 

I especially liked Wills – the pirate’s friend and second.  He plays matchmaker, in an odd and unexpected way, while looking on with equal parts astonishment and amusement.  I thought it would be fun to grab a cup of rum and sit down with him, to watch while Snake and Izzy do their dance.  

If you are a regular reader of historical romance and/or erotica, this is a book I’m sure you will enjoy.  Even if you aren’t, give it a shot.  I think you’ll be happily surprised, just like I was.



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