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Within His Sight
Heart of Justice, Book 1

Denise A. Agnew













Liquid Silver Books

Release Date:
October 1, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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November 2008


Women are preprogrammed to respond to the alpha male in a sexual manner.  They can’t resist testosterone. 

Denise A. Agnew should know.  She writes some of the hottest alpha males around. And women who are strong and smart and tough enough to make those alpha males do a little panting of their own.  A really well done tango isn’t this hot! 

In this first book of the Heart of Justice Series, Mary Wickes has had enough.  She’s planning to leave Gold Rush, Colorado because she can’t resist her attraction to Dace “Hard Man” Banovic anymore.  And, with her history, she really feels the need to resist.  But when the office gossip tells Dace that Mary is leaving, these two are on a collision course. 

And what woman wouldn’t want to run into Dace?  SWAT officer and Alpha Male through and through.  When Dace realizes that Mary is leaving, he decides to act on the attraction he felt for Mary the moment he met her.  But getting close to Mary is not going to be easy.  He is everything she says she doesn’t want.  After a bit of matchmaking from their friends, and a bit of persuasion by Dace, Mary decides to give him a try – for one night. 

Before Mary can put her plan into action, Mary is taken hostage. Dace has to face down his biggest fear – losing her just when she’s in reach.  Mary takes a little longer.  She doesn’t come around until Dace is in danger. 

When I read the first line of WITHIN HIS SIGHT, I knew I was in for a happy read.  Mary and Dace are a perfectly matched couple, who’ve been doing the stupid dance.  They are so hot for each other their hair should be on fire, but their fears get in the way of their hearts.  Until they realize they might actually lose each other.  Not just to break up, but to death and disaster. 

Mary is a woman working in a cop’s world, but wants nothing to do with cops romantically.  Down that path lies pain.  She learned that lesson early and harshly.  When Mary revealed her history, I wanted someone to take her pain away.   No woman should have to carry that much heartbreak for so long.  

Fortunately, Dace is a man up to the job.  He’s a classic hero with a military background.  In dealing with Mary, he doesn’t just have to seduce her.  Truthfully, that would be easy considering how much Mary is attracted to him.  He has to take the emotional risks necessary to get past her deeply ingrained defenses.  And in doing so, he’s going to have to take the risk that she might still walk away.   

This is a great start to a new series.  My only complaint is the story is too short.  I hope that we get to see more of Mary and Dace and their developing love story in the books to come. 

If you haven’t read any of Denise A. Agnew’s other series, go find them.  You won’t be disappointed – I promise!


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Within His Sight:  Heart of Justice, Book 1 by Denise A. Agnew













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