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Love, Lust & Scandal in Professional Football
Sport Wives, Book 1

Destiny Blaine













Siren Publishing

Release Date:
July 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Nikita Steele

Review Posted:
December 2008


Sleeping with two men at the same time can be a very dangerous game - something that Cassie Teller learned the hard way. 

Forever and a day, Cassie had always been her best friend Steve’s sex buddy; but, never his girlfriend.  Both Cassie and Steve were very happy and content with their current arrangement – an arrangement that carried on even when Steve had a study girlfriend.  That was until Cassie met and fell for professional football player Corby Teller.  Cassie and Corby instantly connected and it wasn’t before long before Cassie was swept off her feet and married to Corby. 

And, then the dilemma began. 

Steve was determined to remain Cassie’s bed partner regardless of her marriage.  While, Corby was equally determined to keep Steve out of Cassie bed and to make sure that she was well satisfied as Mrs. Corby Teller. 

I must admit that Love, lust & scandal in professional football definitely gave me something to think about.  It goes to show that unless all three parties are in agreement it is not a good idea to have multiple lovers at the same time especially when secrets are involved.  Overall, Cassie was a good person and she truly wanted her relationship with Corby to work; however, she had a weakness for Steve – someone whom she had always depended on and was the one constant in her life.  And, because of this weakness a lot of heartache and suffering surrounded Cassie and Corby’s relationship. 

Love, lust & scandal in professional football was told in first person which gave a great insight into Cassie’s emotional state and how she felt imprisoned in a continuous catch-22 situation.  Not a huge fan of first person stories, Destiny Blaine managed to quickly draw me into Cassie’s life until where I didn’t care about the first person context.  My main focal point was to discover what was happening next in the exciting plot. 

As you can imagine, there was plenty of sexual intercourse going on; although, it was told in a vanilla fashion.  Nevertheless, I still found myself breathless with great desire.   

Overall, I found Love, lust & scandal in professional football to be a fantastic read and I can’t wait to get my hands on more books in Ms. Blaine’s Sport Wives series.



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Love, Lust & Scandal in Professional Football:  Sport Wives, Book 1 by Destiny Blaine













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