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Sin In Jeans
The Hussies

Ciana Stone














Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
September 2008



Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Nikita Steele

Review Posted:
October 2008


SIN IN JEANS by Ciana Stone is a part of The Hussies series and can be read independently. 

Legend had it that a Hussy was any woman who had the courage to fight alongside her mate in battle, was willing to change the world around them without hesitation and possessed the power within to make a difference. 

Roberta “Dale” Evans learned that she too was a Hussy when danger threatened to take away her mate. 

As a woman over Forty, Dale Evans knew that she was too old to indulge in a one-night stand; however, when a sexy-as-hell cowboy by the name of Ty Austin crossed her path, she couldn’t help for fall in bed with that SIN IN JEANS.   

At the age of Forty-five being direct and to the point was Tyler “Ty” Austin’s motto.  So when he spied a beautiful stranger in the town’s local bar, Ty just had meet and learn more about her.  When it became apparent that Dale was also attracted to him, Ty wasted no time voicing his desire to be with her in a very sexual manner. 

When a death-defying threat put Ty’s life in jeopardy the morning after their night of passion, Dale would stop at nothing to save her man’s life. 

SIN IN JEANS was one scorching hot read!  I loved everything about this book.  From the witty dialog to the countless sexual encounters, readers you are in for a sweet, sinful treat.  

Dale proved to be the perfect match for Ty.  She was candid, genuine and there wasn’t a shy bone in her body.  On the flip side, the same could be said for Ty.  He was a true man’s man who wasn’t afraid to speak whatever was on his mind.  Nor, was he frightened to go after what he wanted and he wanted Dale.  The passion that burned between the couple was a volcanic, explosive event.  I was so turned on by Dale and Ty’s sexual foreplay.  Once you dive into this story you will discover what I mean.   

Author Ciana Stone managed to incorporate the Hussy legend into SIN IN JEANS in a much believable manner.  At first I wasn’t sure how it was going to tie together; but, I must admit that Ms. Stone did a fantastic job of smoothly slipping it in.  Hussies and non-Hussies fans will total agree that Ms. Stone is an excellent writer who has an act for instantly capturing your attention with thrilling, lustful tales. 

You will not be disappointed once you pick up SIN IN JEANS.  Enjoy!



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