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Pick of the Litter

Wendy Stone














Phaze Books

Release Date:
September 21, 2008

Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Marissa Spencer is supposed to be meeting her best friend at a bar for drinks. When she goes to the address she was given, Marissa is attacked by ten men and brutally raped by one.  Marissa knows she is going to die and just when she is about to give up, rescue comes in the form of Lukah, a silent, almost predatory man who disarms her attackers and puts them out of commission long enough to carry Marissa to safety. 

While walking on the street and then hearing gut wrenching feminine pleas for help, Lukah Alexandros breaks into a locked room and sees red.  Making short work of Marissaís attackers, Lukah takes care of the threat and carries her away to his family estate to recover. Lukah isnít being just nice Ė after his dramatic rescue of Marissa, Lukah suspects and later knows that she is his mate.   

Marissa and Lukah begin exploring their attraction to each other.  Lukah wants to tell Marissa about his true nature but canít seem to find the words. He hopes to be able to come clean before it is too late because if he is unable to convince Marissa to stay with him he could very well die. 

PICK OF THE LITTER begins with hugely disturbing scene of abuse and rape and as such, was very difficult to read.  Wendy Stone writes Marissaís rescue by Lukah at just the right moment and while it is hard to read, it is a very important part of the plot.   

Lukahís character is complex.  He is the head of his family and strives to be the alpha they need as well as the man he wants to be for Marissa.  Lukahís love and protectiveness for her is apparent in every action and every caress.  Lukah even goes so far as to put himself in danger instead of risking Marissa without her permission. 

I found PICK OF THE LITTER to be a first-rate novel.  The sensuality and earthiness of Lukah is heady and raw.  Combine Lukahís personage with Marissaís seemingly innocence and they are the perfect mates. 

I did find one thing that kept nagging at me the entire book and that was Marissaís rape.  It was not the actual rape or the rape scene, it was Marissaís recovery from the abuse that did not seem realistic.  As a woman I was unable to fathom her leaving the scene of a horrible attack and then becoming aroused mere hours later.  That aside, her subsequent feelings for Lukah bordered on naive but with a hidden sirenís call.   

PICK OF THE LITTER, while tough to read at the beginning, is a new and interesting look at shape-shifting.  I am thrilled to find another author to add to my repertoire and canít wait to read more from the very talented Wendy Stone.


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