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Spaniardís Seduction
The Saxon Brides, Book 2

Tessa Radley














Silhouette Desire

Release Date:
November 1, 2008

Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Spaniard Rafaelo Carreras has a bone to pick with the Saxon family.  The patriarch, Phillip, most of all.  Showing up in New Zealand at the Saxon winery is a stroke of genius on his part, or so he thinks.  He doesnít plan on meeting Caitlyn Ross, the Saxon familyís winemaker, not does he plan on desiring her.  Rafaelo just wants revenge on the father that refused to claim him and the family he should have had.  With seduction on his mind, Rafaelo sets his sights on Caitlyn never realizing that before his seduction of Caitlyn is over, Rafaelo will be the one seduced and thinking about forever. 

Caitlyn Ross is very loyal to the Saxon family.  As a young winemaker, she knows how lucky she is to have the responsibility she has and never takes that for granted.  This loyalty causes Caitlyn to oftentimes want to protect her employers, especially when Rafaelo Carreras shows up at a family funeral and proceeds to tear apart the family she holds dear.  With his ruthlessness and power, Rafaelo can bring the Saxon family to their knees but underneath it all, Caitlyn senses what Rafaelo hides under his skin.  She sense the man within that yearns for acceptance and a family.  Now all she has to do is convince him that love and acceptance canít come with a price, they are freely given. 

Holy Moly I loved Rafaelo Carreras.  Give me a hot, dominant, Latin lover any day of the week and this reviewer is a happy woman.  Rafaelo was exactly that type of man. Ruthless to a fault, by no fault of his own, he had a plan to bring the Saxons to heel and he wanted to execute that plan with precision and without regrets.  He didnít count on meeting innocent Caitlyn Ross who in turn made him question every ounce of hatred he felt towards the Saxons.  Her passion for Rafaelo and his for her, was scorching hot and blazing with sensuality.  Caitlyn made Rafaelo yearn for more than just revenge and he was unable to handle that at first because after feeling angry for so many years, he was not comfortable with feeling something other than animosity.  The feelings he had of love and acceptance were knew to him and he didnít know how to accept either.  It took the courage of Caitlynís love for Rafaelo to finally see that plans are made to be broken and what was thought to be revenge wasnít actually revenge at all.  It was a cry for acceptance that needed to be shared.   

SPANIARDíS SEDUCTION by Tessa Radley made me get teary eyed more than once.  As a reviewer I love to feel the characters and experience their feelings with them as I read.  SPANIARDíS SEDUCTION is such a book.  The storyline flows, the emotions are intense, and the characters are realistic.  I highly recommend experiencing this book for yourself. 

Note: SPANIARDíS SEDUCTION is the second book of Tessa Radleyís Silhouette Desire series, THE SAXON BRIDES.  As such, I think readers will benefit from reading the first of the series, MISTAKEN MISTRESS


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