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Pregnancy Proposal
The Saxon Brides, Book 3

Tessa Radley













Silhouette Desire

Release Date:
December 9, 2008

Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


For the past three months, Amy Wright’s life has been a blur.  First her fiancé Roland dies from injuries sustained in a car wreck and then she finds herself pregnant.  Not wanting to be a single mother, Amy has decisions to make. Decisions that only she can make and she thinks the solution might be to leave town.  Heath Saxon, her dead fiance’s brother, has another option – marriage.  Heath proposes to her and offers to be the father to her baby, even knowing what he thinks is the truth. That the baby Amy is carrying is Roland’s.   

Heath Saxon has been in love with Amy Wright for such a long time.  He knows without a doubt that his older brother didn’t deserve a woman like her but he was unwilling to rock the boat when Roland was alive.  When Amy finds herself pregnant with Roland’s baby, Heath proposes to Amy and offers to raise her child as his own. Heath knows that he should have never wanted his brother’s fiancé and offering to raise Roland’s heir is Heath’s way of penance.  Or so he thinks.  Heath and Amy must admit their feelings for each other.  Feelings that started the night Roland died. 

Heath was loyal to the core.  The bad boy of the family, he hid a very big secret – a secret that could have gotten him thrown out of his family for sure.  Heath’s feelings for Amy shined through and I love his patience with her and his loving her despite the fact that he thought she was having his brother’s baby.  Amy was a bit tougher to warm up to but likable in every way.  Reserved and concerned with appearances, the thought of being a single mother shattered her dreams but I liked how she refused to give up.  She weighed her options and then made the best decision for herself and her unborn child. 

PREGNANCY PROPOSAL by Tessa Radley is a novel after my own heart.  Secret babies and unplanned pregnancy stories are my favorite sub-genre to read. I love nothing better than to read a story of two people attracted to each other but shouldn’t be.  The angst Heath and Amy feels about each other and their feelings comes through on the pages of PREGNANCY PROPOSAL.  Written in such a realistic way, I could feel the turmoil Amy faced with an unplanned baby and I could feel the emotional ties Heath felt for Amy.  He was steadfast in his support of her and while he had loved her for a very long time, he wanted her to make her own decisions where they were concerned.  Add in a surprise plot twist and I was in reading heaven.    

A December 2008 release for Silhouette Desire, PREGNANCY PROPOSAL is available for immediate purchase via Harlequin’s online website or readers can wait for it to hit the stores near the end of November.  I, for one, am not that patient. I picked up my copy as soon as it became available and had it shipped directly to my front door! 



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