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Lie to Me

Starr Ambrose













Pocket Star

Release Date:
November 25, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Ellie Coggins is determined to find the evidence she needs in order to prove that Banner Westfield murdered her best friend.  While breaking into Bannerís office during a house party is probably not the best plan she has have come up with, Ellie is getting desperate.  And, she has just been caught by Jack Payton, the black sheep of the Westfield family who also happens to be Bannerís half brother.  In a split second the two become allies and engaged so as to cover for the real reasons they are in the office. 

Jack Payton has just been paroled and is trying to get his life and daughter back.  He wants to do all he can to convince social services and his estranged family that he has changed.  Ellie posing as his affianced bride is a stuck of luck in itself and seems like the perfect start. 

Ellie and Jack agree to help each other out.  Due to her engagement to Jack, Ellie is able to get into the Westfield home much to the consternation of Banner.  It is only a matter of time before Ellie gets the proof she needs to get Banner put away forever.  Hopefully she will be able to let Jack go just as easily! 

Jack Payton is the ultimate reformed bad boy.  Criminal record aside, he is doing his very best to turn his life around so that the powers that be at childrenís social services will grant him custody of his beloved daughter.  For this characteristic alone I fell in love with Jack.  His loyalty and love towards his daughter and Ellie shines through during every scene. 

If Jack is loyal, Ellie is loyal times ten. She is willing to put herself in danger in order to find the evidence she needs get Banner arrested.  That aside, her love for Libby, Jackís daughter, grows into unconditional love much like the love of a mother and natural child. She and Jackís attraction to each other is so instantaneous I had no trouble seeing the dilemma each has with the other in trying to convince their families that they are truthfully engaged. 

I found the plot and premise of LIE TO ME to be original and intriguing.  Realistic in nature, I can only imagine how someone on parole feels when trying to regain the confidence needed to live day in and day out with the stigma of being a released prisoner.  Jackís ability to focus on his mission to be a worthy father to Libby is notable and made me sigh with delight and smile.  A daughter loved half as much as Jack loved his daughter Libby would make many young girls very lucky. 

LIE TO ME is a great addition to my every expanding keeper shelf.  I swooned at Jackís sensuality and gritted my teeth at Bannerís audacity and then you have Libbyís tenacity and Ellieís unwavering loyalty.  All of these traits made for a truly wonderful read!



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