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Guilty Needs

Shiloh Walker













Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
September 2008

Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Bree’s best friend Alyssa is dying. It is only a matter of time before her once vital and beautiful friend passes and Bree’s heart breaks every day because of this.  When Alyssa calls Bree to her house prior to her death, Bree goes with a heavy heart but it isn’t until she gets there that she is told by Alyssa what Alyssa wants her to do.  It seems that Bree has been able to fool everyone but her best friend about her feelings for Colby, Alyssa’s husband and Alyssa wants Bree to take care of and love Colby after her death.  Bree is ashamed of her feelings for her friend’s husband but reluctantly agrees to honor Alyssa’s wishes because despite everything, Bree has loved Colby since high school. 

Colby is a man devastated.  His beautiful wife is gone and his world has fallen all around him.  When he goes with Bree to her house after Alyssa’s funeral and has a breakdown, Colby is mortified at the feelings he feels when he come to in Bree’s arms.  He is so upset that he leaves town without a word and spends the next year grieving for his wife.  When his dreams become risqué and Bree is the main character, Colby is beside himself with guilt but unable to stop thinking about her.  His return home is quiet but his arousal is not. Colby wants Bree and while he fights his feelings, he gives in to temptation.  When he finds his wife’s diary, Colby’s anger knows no bounds; it seems his wife ASKED Bree to take care of him which makes the feelings Bree has for him false, right?   

I can relate to Bree amazingly well.  Bree has loved Colby since she was in high school.  Her love for him was in secret and from afar but her best friend, Colby’s wife always knew.  When asked by Alyssa for confirmation, I am proud of Bree for being honest even though I could sense the complete and utter turmoil she was going through.  Bree was mortified that Alyssa knew she loved Colby but her honesty won my heart.  I didn’t think of Bree as a betrayer and I know without a doubt that Alyssa didn’t either.   

Colby is a man grieving.  His beloved wife was dead and his pain is real.  His arousal towards and feelings for Bree confuse the heck out of him and his first instinct of handling these feelings is to express anger.  Which he did.  And I can’t blame him.  Alyssa was gone but Colby was not and I have to think that any widow/widower would go through the same guilt ridden feelings.   

Written in such a was as to grab the reader from the very beginning, GUILTY NEEDS by Shiloh Walker is very emotional. I became teary eyed more than once and know without a doubt that if I read GUILTY NEEDS for a second or third time, I would continue to feel the unwavering emotion this book invokes.  GUILTY NEEDS was beautifully written and to be honest, it is now my favorite Shiloh Walker release.  I loved it.


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Guilty Needs by Shiloh Walker













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