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The Pirate Lord
Lord Trilogy, Book 1

Sabrina Jeffries















Release Date:
April 1, 1998

Historical Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Sara Willis is beside herself. Not only has she and the other women aboard their ship been kidnapped by pirates, but she is expected to marry one.  Aghast at the audacity of these men, Sara argues for more time so that she and the other women will have time to get to know the pirate they are expected to join in holy matrimony with. Given two weeks in which to conduct their courting, Sara negotiates with the pirate lord for their huts.  In return, she is expected to give the man kisses.  Not a bad deal, right? After a few short days Sara canít even remember what she was fighting so hard for Ė all she is dreaming of is Gideon, the pirate captain that is winning over her heart one kiss at a time. 

Gideon Horn, the captain of a devilish band of pirates canít believe the extremely good luck he and his men had in finding a ship full of women bound for New South Wales.  He and his men have been riding the waves and ocean for a long time and they are ready to settle down into wedded bliss. Wanting to make their home on an uncharted island they discovered, the men and Gideon just needed women and of course, since they are rescuing these women from their destination and servitude, they wonít be able to contain themselves from thanking the men properly. Or so they think.  Sit back readers and watch the fireworks! 

I got so tickled reading THE PIRATE LORD I found myself laughing at loud.  Gideon truly believed that Sara and her fellow females would not be able to contain their thanks for being rescued.  He didnít count on Saraís independent streak and her sharp wit.  He did count on his ability to stun her with his manly prowess and I have to admit, what a nice prowess Gideon possessed. Both characters just matched each other and I canít imagine them being written any other way.  Their passion for each other was explosive and sensual.   

The only thing that upset me about THE PIRATE LORD was that it was a reissued book.  Not only that, but I read it in 1998 when it first released and while I loved it then and loved it now, I wish that someone somewhere would have put that it was a re-release on the cover.  Fully expecting an original new story from the talented Sabrina Jeffries, I was disappointed that I had read this book so long ago.  But, not disappointed enough not to read THE PIRATE LORD again!  

That said, if you didnít read THE PIRATE LORD in 1998, when it originally released, please donít hesitate to pick up a copy of this entertaining and often times witty historical romance.   I laughed, I got a bit teary eyed, and I smiled for a book well written.  Sabrina Jeffries continues to be a favorite historical romance author of mine and I am pleased to say her books never disappoint.   

THE PIRATE LORD was released again by Avon in July, 2008. 


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