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Scorching Sammie

Reese Gabriel














Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 29, 2008

Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Samantha is finally in a position to assume the vice presidency of her company.  With one last deal away from reaching her dream, she finds herself in the backwoods of Florida dealing with a cantankerous, devastatingly alpha sheriff.  Her fantasies at night involve men like Sheriff Bill Donovan and while Sammie doesn’t hesitate to let him know exactly what she thinks of him and his run down backwards town, her inner submissive craves the dominance that she knows he can deliver. 

Bill Donovan has seen women like Sammie before.  High powered women so full of themselves that they don’t know what they want in life or the bedroom.  His thoughts towards Sammie change when she finally looks at him and Bill is mesmerized by the hidden delights her expressive eyes promise.  Here is a woman hiding her submissive side and Bill knows he is just the man to find her.   

Sammie and Bill embark on a D/s affair that is smoking hot.  Their idyllic time together exploring each other is short because Sammie’s boss is not a patient man.  He demands results on the deal he sent Sammie down to negotiate.  There is a problem with that however.  What Sammie thought she once wanted, she no longer can stomach.  Important decisions must be made and hearts must be won.  Bill Donovan won’t know what hit him! 

SCORCHING SAMMIE is a book I was unable to put down.  Bill Donovan is the embodiment of every single hidden fantasy I have ever had, not to mention a few I just made up.  Alpha male to the core, his persona just reeked of dominance and I savored his personality like a fine wine.  Knowing what he wanted as well as who, Bill didn’t waste any time in bringing Miss Samantha around to his way of thinking. Laughing out loud more than once at their banter, I blushed continuously throughout their love scenes.  Two cold showers later, I am happy to say all is well in Bill and Sammie’s world. LOL 

No one, and I mean, NO ONE, writes BDSM novels featuring dominance and submission like Reese Gabriel.  A true master of the written word such novels require, he is my utmost favorite BDSM genre author to date.  His words flow on the pages and are written in such a way that even this feisty and independent country girl could be swayed to his dominant male hero’s way of thinking.  From the first page of SCORCHING SAMMIE to the last, I was intrigued and enchanted by the characters, the storyline, and the love scenes.  I couldn’t have asked for a better read. 

SCORCHING SAMMIE released from Ellora’s Cave on October 28, 2008.  Fans of BDSM and the D/s lifestyle will savor this book long into the night.  If D/s is something that a reader is interested in, this book would be a great first book to read.  Not overly the top BDSM, SCORCHING SAMMIE has just the right about of alpha maleness.  It was great!



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