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Passion and Pleasure in London

Melody Thomas
















Release Date:
August 26, 2008

Historical Romance
Romantic Suspense


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
December 2008


Winter Ashburn grew up in luxury.  However, after her father’s death, her uncle by marriage took everything.  Forced to live frugally and in genteel poverty, this former toast of London has lost her love for the nobles with whom she used to socialize.  When the only people who would help her were the tenants and the villagers, Winter decided then and there that she would not forget about their loyalty.  Becoming a sort of female ‘Robin Hood’, Winter Ashburn steals from the rich in order to give to the poor.  And she is highly successful in this endeavor until the night a man is attacked and wounded.  Bringing him to safety, Winter does her best to ensure his recovery.  This is the night her life changes. 

Rory Jameson is a secret liaison for the British government.  His missions over the years have brought many thieves to justice for the Crown yet he has taken a leave of absence.  His grandfather, Lord Granberry, is on his deathbed and while Rory has never met his grandfather, Lord Granberry has written several letters from his bedside requesting Rory’s presence.  It seems no one knows of Rory’s existence and if his injuries are any indication, someone does not want him to live long enough for the truth of his existence to come out.     

A highly entertaining historical romance, PASSION AND PLEASURE IN LONDON by Melody Thomas is also a romantic suspense.  Someone wants Rory to die and they are willing to do anything to achieve that goal.  Winter’s care of Rory and protection of him was a perfect tie in to her role as a female Robin Hood.   

Highly captivating, I found myself reading PASSION AND PLEASURE IN LONDON cover to cover.  The suspense and intrigue kept me on edge and more than once I found myself wanting to skip ahead to see what happened in the story.  Rory and Winter were unlikely lovers but I think that is what made them so well matched.  Each had moments in their lives where they were invisible; Rory’s existence was unknown and Winter’s family was impoverished – so they knew just how important love and family was.  It was this loyalty to family and each other that made PASSION AND PLEASURE IN LONDON such a tremendous story. 

PASSION AND PLEASURE IN LONDON has moments of anticipation, moments where I was anxious with uncertainty, and moments of hilarity.  Most of all, it had romance between the two main characters and I could not have asked for a better story.  With a plethora of characters just waiting in the wings to entertain the reader, PASSION AND PLEASURE IN LONDON tops my list as a favorite historical. Melody Thomas ups the bar on magnificence and I wish her all the books marks I have to give!


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