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Fallen Angel

Margaret and Lizz Weis
















Release Date:
October 28, 2008

Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Matthew Gallow is an angel, a fallen one, but still considered a heavenly being.  A martyr over 1600 years ago. Matthew was thrown out of heaven for his disbelief.  Refusing to apologize or ask forgiveness, Matthew has spent his immortal life wandering the Earth and changing careers every so often.  His career now is that of ‘Father’ Gallow, exorcist.  Of course, he doesn’t REALLY exorcise demons, he tricks unsuspecting church followers out of their money.  With no faith to believe in Matthew drinks and plans about his next ‘revival’ – until the night he actually does cast out a demon and almost dies in the process.  His world in chaos, Matthew has no choice but to follow Natalia Ashley to Las Vegas and the gig she talked him into agreeing to.  After all, who better to sin in “sin city” than a FALLEN ANGEL, right?   

To band manager Natalia Ashley, her life and career are all about the music.  Raised by a hippy grandfather until his death, Natalia grew up on the road following bands.  The manager for Cain, a rocker with a passion for the devil, Natalia sees Matthew’s latest revival and while she knows without a doubt he is milking the faithful of his audiences out of thousands, she doesn’t care.  She needs an over-the-top gimmick to keep Cain’s fans coming to his concerts since they seem to be tanking and Cain’s behavior is getting more out of control daily.  She just needs to convince Matthew to go along with it. 

Natalie and Matthew have no idea what has really happened to Cain.  All too soon, however, they will find out and the results are earth shattering as good battles evil in a battle as old as time. 

FALLEN ANGEL starts out with a bang and the action never stops. Seeing the title to this book, I knew I had to read it – especially after the blurb.  Matthew Gallow is a fallen angel.  A Christian who was put to death so many years ago when it was deadly at times to be a Christian.  Like Christianity, Matthew’s faith was new to him at his time of death and so once in Heaven, Matthew voiced questions and concerns and had a hard time following the program.  His behavior and disbelief got him sent back to Earth as an immortal.  Matthew drinks.  He plays around with loose women.  But most of all he thinks.  He thinks about his wife from so long ago.  He wonders about what would have happened had he not fallen.  And when Natalia Ashley shows up in his life he wonders what his life would be like if a woman as beautiful as she fell in love with him. 

Matthew does not have to wait long because Natalia has been fixated upon “Father” Gallow from the first moment she sees his face on the news – she travels across country just to meet him.  Despite her infatuation, Natalia still doesn’t understand that Matthew’s last exorcism was in fact, real.  She thinks he is a fake and while she isn’t disrespectful to Matthew, I can feel her underlying laughter.  Materialistic and realistic at times, Natalia is focused on making money and music.  It isn’t until they become closer that I see Natalia’s true nature. Hidden inside this extremely powerful and intelligent woman is a young girl once more yearning for someone to love her unconditionally like her grandfather used to love her.  When she realizes that Matthew is more than what he seems, her faith in him is infallible. 

The battle of Good vs. Evil is predominant in FALLEN ANGEL.  And even knowing this, I still was on pins and needles wanting to know what was going to happen. I could NOT get enough of this dynamically written story and I feel other readers will love FALLEN ANGEL just as much as I did.  FALLEN ANGEL releases on Tuesday, October 28, 2008. 



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