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Made for Two Champions
Made for Two, Book 4

Madison Hayes













Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 22, 2008

Science Fiction
Ménage M/F/M


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Yarionna, the queen of eYona is required by law to take her first lover upon her twenty-fourth birthday and she has no choice in the matter as to who that lover is going to be.  It is survival of the fittest because prior to her birthday, a competition is held and the man that wins, wins the right to be her lover for the next year as the queen’s champion. Two men vie for the right to bed her – Camp and Match.  Who will be the queen’s champion? 

Matchstick Maloney is a human officer from Earth.  As such, his mannerisms are somewhat abrasive and not always politically correct.  Match knows one thing however – he is going to be the queen’s champion, no matter how much of his magic he has to use.  Training for years hasn’t been for nothing – he has learned everything he needs to know to win.  He doesn’t count on falling in love with the beautiful, innocent queen. 

Camp has been in love with Yarionna for a long time.  As a member of the eYonan society, he knows what the law states and so has done his best to become the best warrior he can in order to win the right to be the queen’s champion for a year.   

The thought of sharing the queen’s favors has never entered either man’s mind.  Until now. 

Madison Hayes makes my eyes cross and palms sweat every single time I read one of her releases.  MADE FOR TWO CHAMPIONS is no different.  The masculinity of the male heroines and the enchanting, passionate nature of the heroine makes for a steamy read and MADE FOR TWO CHAMPIONS delivered that and more.   

Yarionna certainly did not want to just accept any champion, she wanted to care about and desire the man that won the right to bed her.  Youthful and somewhat innocent, she knew the ways of men and women and that added to her allure.  She was willing to experiment with her two men and when that happened, the pages of this book caught on fire!  

Camp and Matchstick are unlikely allies in the game of winning Yarionna’s hand for a year.  Both are not above cheating to get what they want.  Each desires and wants Yarionna for their very own but as the competition draws to a close and the men realize that in one losing, both lose, they come to a very naughty decision.  That decision steamed the pages of MADE FOR TWO CHAMPIONS and rocked Yarionna’s world. 

I can’t get enough of Madison Hayes writing and I am positive I am not alone.  MADE FOR TWO CHAMPIONS is a delicious and decidedly wicked ménage romance.  I hated for it to end!



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