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Vision Fulfilled

Lorie O’Clare












Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 17, 2008

Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


For years Megan has been working at Pierce’s Lair as the bookkeeper as well as doing anything else the owner needs her to do.  During this time, Megan has also been diligently saving money in order to buy out Pierce, the current owner.  When Pierce dies in an accident and leaves his bar to his long-lost son, Megan is speechless.  Furious and hurt at Pierce’s decision and vowing to hate Thad, Pierce’s son, she promises that Thad will not take her bar.  And he most certainly is not going to pressure her into a mating, no matter how much her body and inner leopard want her to. 

Thad, a former Hunter, is beyond surprised when his estranged father dies and leave Thad his prized possession, his bar – Pierce’s Lair.  Arriving to take over, Thad is both excited and aroused at the sassy redhead working the bar.  When he meets her and his charm doesn’t work, Thad is intrigued.  Her scent teases him until one thing is certain – Megan is his mate and he can not wait to tame and claim her. Convincing this very stubborn and commitment shy female proves to be a fight in itself.  Thad’s methods of persuasion are very convincing, even to a leopard scared of the emotions he invokes in her.  

VISION FULFILLED is an original! Just when you think you have read every shape shifting scenario out there, the brilliance that is Lorie O’Clare astounds you and she releases a truly fine book like VISION FULFILLED.   

A leopard shape shifter, Megan refuses to let her guard down where Thad is concerned.  Hurt before, she knows she would be unable to handle the pain of losing a loved one again, and so vows not to let Thad close.  I found her one tough cookie to crack and while I enjoyed her strength, by the end of VISION FULFILLED, I wanted her to accept Thad’s mating completely.   

Thad’s return to the lair of his father is almost bittersweet.  Having left years ago, Thad never thought his father felt pride in his accomplishments as a Hunter and it was wonderful to see Thad realize that his father had been proud of him.  Thad’s feelings for Megan – he knows she is his mate and he wants to claim her.  The holdout? Thad wants Megan to choose him on her own without pressure.  Quite heroic in my opinion and just downright sexy to boot. 

VISION FULFILLED is raw and earthy and very erotic.  The plot is eye catching and the love scenes scorching hot and passionate with animalistic ferocity.  I could not stop reading!  Lorie O’Clare remains on my automatic read list and I look forward every single release!



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