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A Secret Treasure

Lindsay Townsend















Release Date:
October 2008

Historical Romance
Romantic Suspense


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Eve Burnett is an Englishwoman living in Rhodes, a Greek island.  The daughter of intellectual parents, she knows that in order to live peacefully on the island she should not draw attention to herself, or her parents, and most especially not her brother.  Eyes are everywhere on Rhodes since it is under the control of Italy and the Fascists.  When her partisan brother goes missing and Eve is questioned, she is intrigued by the officer sent to ask her questions and finds herself agreeing to meet him.  As their relationship blossoms, Eve is desperate to find her brother but when she does, she is disheartened to find herself having to choose between a brother and family she loves and the man she has fallen in love with. 

Julio Falcone knows that Eve Burnett is hiding something.  As a public figure, Julio must come across as being forceful and by the book, especially in front of his Fascist supervisors.  Convincing Eve to meet him at various places soothes his soul as a man but as a police officer, Julio suspects there is more than what meets the eye where Eve is concerned.  He just has to find out what she is hiding but in doing that, will he be able to live with the consequences of his investigation?  

A Secret Treasure is filled with political intrigue and tension.  Eve knows that her brother is doing something illegal; she knows it but she can do nothing about it other than deny her involvement and hide her brother and his treasure.  Just for this alone, I found her quite loyal.  Her love for Julio was another roadblock that Eve had to overcome because no matter what her feelings for Julio, Eve knew he was a police officer and could arrest her at a momentís notice.   

Julio was not as he seemed.  Loving to a fault, I think he gave Eve more room to be herself than he might have done considering his profession. He needed to know where her brother was first of all and Julio planned on finding out. I donít think his falling in love with Eve was a part of his plan, but it was a very big change in Julioís life. All of a sudden, he had someone else that needed his loyalty and I felt his dilemma.  If he protected Eve then he could lose his job and/or life.  If he didnít protect Eve, then she might not love him.   

A Secret Treasure catches the readers eyes with its expertly written plot abounding with secrets and suspense.  I loved watching Julio and Eve fall in love and the fact that they loved each other so desperately was just icing on the cake.  Lindsay Townsend continues to release novels that are emotionally gripping.  While A Secret Treasure is not as explicit sexually as some of her other novels, I hardly noticed. I was too involved with the story and Julioís dreaminess!


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