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Veil of Midnight
The Midnight Breed, Book 5

Lara Adrian

















Bantam Dell

Release Date:
December 30, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Nikolai has been sent by his commander to Montreal to find a Gen One vampire that is in danger.  The blond warrior gets more than he bargained for when he is tricked by a beautiful woman named Renata and is immobilized by her psychic force.  Upon awakening, he finds his quarry and is invited into the Gen Oneís lair.  Once there, Niko comes face to face with the atrocities this vampire has been hiding on his land.  When Niko loses his temper, he is thrown off the vampís land.  Niko, however, isnít leaving without a fight and he for sure isnít leaving without Renata, the woman with whom he saw his destiny.   

Renata has been a prisoner of Yakutís, a Gen One vampire for two years.  First brought to his home as a woman to hunt, Renata impressed the forceful vampire with her psychic ability and made her one of his bodyguards.  When Renata overhears the huge blond warrior asking about her boss in a club, she sets him up for capture.  The tables are turned, however, when he is invited to Yakutís home.  No matter how much the warrior makes her tingle, Renata will not forget the seriousness of her life nor will she forget her promise to keep the child Mira safe.  When Mira is sold out from under Renata, she vows vengeance.   

Nikolai and Renata set out to find the sinister Rogue that has suddenly become more powerful than any of his Order thought.  With vampires being murdered and allies turning against each other, the only two people Nikolai and Renata can trust are themselves and in turn that trust leads to a bonding Ė breed style.   

Yearning for Nikolaiís story since Kiss of Midnight, I knew that his mate would have to be a warrior worthy of him.  Renata could not have been more perfect for him.  She is fiercely loyal and a female warrior determinedly defiant in protecting her own.  Her psychic ability helps out immensely in the battles she and Niko fight.  They love just as intensely as they battle.  Her trust in Niko and the power of his blood to heal won me over and made me her biggest fan. 

NikolaiÖ honed warrior breed, blond, faint Russian accent.  There was NOTHING about this fine man that I did not like.  His combativeness and skills as a warrior surprised me with the ferocity in which he fought but I knew without a doubt that when he loved, he would love forever and without hesitation Ė which he did.  Quite sensually I have to say.  Add in the special talent Nikolai possessed concerning vines and this remarkable vampire made me shiver. 

Lara Adrian utilizes previous characters throughout VEIL OF MIDNIGHT.  As a reader I am dying to see what happens next in this paranormal, yet contemporary and believable world.  VEIL OF MIDNIGHT will enthrall you and leave you breathless for more.  Thatís just the first time you read it.  Reading it a second time will just seal your addiction to these heady warriors and their breedmates.   

VEIL OF MIDNIGHT is the fifth installment of Lara Adrianís highly successful Midnight Breed series.  As such, I highly recommend going back and reading the series in order, starting with the book that started it all, Kiss of Midnight.  You will be glad you did! 

The Midnight Breed Series reading order is as follows:  

Kiss of Midnight, Book 1
Kiss of Crimson, Book 2
Midnight Awakening, Book 3
Midnight Rising, Book 4
Veil of Midnight, Book 5



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