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Kiss of a Demon King
Immortals After Dark, Book 6

Kresley Cole
















Pocket Books

Release Date:
January 20, 2009

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter
Urban Fantasy


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
December 2008


Rydstrom Woede has been fighting and searching for a way to kill Omort, the sorcerer that invaded and desecrated his castle, Castle Tornin, in the Kingdom of Rothkalina hundreds of years ago.  The rightful king of demons, Rydstrom is in search of a special sword in which to behead Omort and resume his rightful place on the throne.  Despite dead end after dead end Rydstrom refuses to give up his plan.  He is the heir to the kingdom and he will find a way to restore honor and loyalty to his subjects.  With this in mind, he continues on his wild goose chase to find the one thing guaranteed to kill Omort.   

Getting a tip from his brother, Rydstrom begins his journey to their meeting place only to come face to face with a coquettish vixen.  When she implores his help Rydstrom doesn’t hesitate but it is only when he is fully under her spell does he realize who she is – Sabine – the Queen of Illusions and his enemy’s sister.  Then to add to his animosity, she captures him and places him in her dungeon, or rather, his dungeon.  Rydstrom is not a happy demon and when he gets free, Sabine is going to pay.  But first, he has to resist her charms and attempts at seduction.  And that is something that he definitely does not want to do. 

The minute I finished reading Dark Desires After Dusk, I envisioned Rydstrom’s story, KISS OF A DEMON KING, as being pivotal to this series and I knew without a doubt that it would be a story worthy of this illustrious and very noble demon king.  I love when I am correct because KISS OF A DEMON KING was extraordinary.   

Having lost his home hundreds of years ago to the foulness of Omort, Rydstrom spent the next years of his long life trying to find the one thing that was deadly to this wicked sorcerer.  But through it all, he also had visions of finding the one woman he could make his queen.  A woman his people would cherish and honor as their king’s consort — a woman he would love and in turn would love him as well and raise a family with him. 

Fate had a funny way of rearing its head when the powers that be chose Sabine as Ryd’s mate.  Not known for her niceness, Sabine has magic so potent that it can be deadly to anyone that crosses her path.  Kept in line by her brother, Sabine is reliant upon Omort’s good will because without it, her life would be in more danger than it already is. Capturing Rydstrom is one thing, falling in love with him is another and Sabine fights with her almost non-existent conscience every step of the way.   

KISS OF A DEMON KING is full of magic, mayhem, sorcery and sensuality. Readers will not want to miss one word of this memorable and enchanting tale.  The closer to the end I got the slower I read because I knew once the story ended I would be left craving more of this brilliant and emotionally gripping saga.    

KISS OF A DEMON KING releases from Pocket on January 20, 2009.  Since it is book 6 of Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series, I recommend reading the books in order but it is not necessary; KISS OF A DEMON KING stands alone on its own merits. It is truly one of the most amazing tales Kresley Cole has ever released.   

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