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Dark Highland Fire
MacInnes Werewolves, Book 2

Kendra Leigh Castle















Sourcebooks Casablanca

Release Date:
October 1, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter
Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Gabriel MacInnes pretty much doesn’t have a single responsibility in his life.  As the second son in his family, it Is highly unlikely that he will ever become pack alpha – that’s his older brother’s job and as such, Gabriel is content.  On those days when he isn’t completely content, he is more often than not pleased with the way his life has turned out.  When Gabriel is given the daunting task of watching over and guarding Rowan an Morgaine, the next leader of the Drakkyn sorceresses, he has no idea what he has just done – Gabriel has just agreed to protect his mate from a dragon prince who just happens to be entirely focused on capturing Rowan and forcing her to accept him – no matter how long it takes.   

Rowan an Morgaine has been thrown out of her realm and is on the run from a rogue dragon who wants to force hr to mate with him. Finally agreeing to protection, she finds herself ensconced in the Scottish highlands being protected by Gabriel MacInnes, a man she just knows is all wrong for her.  Emotions peak and attraction flares between the two and before they know it, their lives become almost a single entity.  They refuse to let their guards down until the dragon after Rowan is dealt with but what happens in the meantime? Why love, of course! 

A highly provocative and enticingly written second installment, DARK HIGHLAND FIRE is a worthy follow up to Call of the Highland Moon, also by Kendra Leigh Castle.   

Gabriel is the ultimate playboy. Women love him and he loves that they love him.  With the arrival of Rowan, I was pleasantly surprised  to see his carefree ways become controlled and the man who loved all women become a man who only desired one woman – Rowan an Morgaine, his mate.   

Rowan never thought she would have to be protected by a pack of werewolves, especially one as sexy as Gabriel MacInnes.  She understands that she needs his help to battle the evil that is after her.  However, she is dead set against loving her hot shape shifting companion but sometimes nature has to take control. And so their love was born amidst danger and intrigue and stubbornness.  Rowan and Gabriel became as one; just the way it should be. 

There is nothing better to me as a reader than a sensuous and naughty wolf finding his mate.  Kendra Leigh Castle has written a tremendous novel in DARK HIGHLAND FIRE.  Romance, paranormal elements, and a dream worthy hero mated to a strong heroine combine to form the ultimate read.  The Scottish Highlands have never been so sexy! 

DARK HIGHLAND FIRE released on October 1, 2008. Don’t miss it!



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