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Master of Torment
The Blood Sword Legacy, Book 2

Karin Tabke














Pocket Star

Release Date:
November 25, 2008

Historical Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Tarian of Trent is officially a widow.  Having married and consummated her vows to a vile molester of young boys, Tarian’s livelihood depends on whether or not she was able to conceive a child during her short time as a bride.  Upon her husband’s demise, his uncle seeks the aid of England’s new king to remove Tarian from her late husband’s castle and there is nothing Tarian can do – she has been taken captive and is slowly being tortured to death in the castle’s dungeon.   

King William trusts few men – Wulfson of Trevelyn is one of them.  He has entrusted Wulfson with the task of eradicating the bloodline of Lady Tarian of Trent.  It seems the female warrior has the blood of former English kings running in her veins and to a man like William the Conqueror, that will not suffice.  Vowing to complete the mission he has been given, Wulfson is unable to understand and handle the feelings Tarian’s beauty and feisty demeanor invokes within him when he sees her for the first time.  Even half starved and beaten severely, Tarian is still striking.  With one look at this remarkable woman, Wulfson’s mission falls by the wayside at the expense of his position in William’s court.  If he allows Tarian to live, treason will be the least of his worries.   

I adore watching a strong male hero fall under the spell of his heroine.  For years Wulfson has taken orders from King William without question.  As such, when he is given the charge to dispose of Tarian, he does not hesitate to agree or question his assignment. When Tarian is rescued, bruised and battered, from the dungeon in which she has been imprisoned, Wulfson is thrown for a loop because of the feelings she invokes in him.  All of a sudden, this tough warrior is the one captured and held spellbound.  

MASTER OF TORMENT by Karin Tabke is a thoroughly engaging historical romance worthy of any library.  The plot is suspenseful and superbly written – I despised Tarian’s uncle by marriage the first time he arrived on the scene – the characters were realistic with human failings and with passionate human emotions.  I sat on pins and needles and aching for a happy ending. 

Don’t miss MASTER OF TORMENT.  Karin Tabke has taken a medieval setting with genuine historical figures and added vibrant fictional characters to equal a magnificent historical romance.  As an added bonus, I highly recommend going back and reading the first installment of this fabulous series, MASTER OF SURRENDER.  You’ll be glad you did!


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