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Mr. Cavendish, I Presume
Two Dukes of Wyndham, Book 2

Julia Quinn















Release Date:
September 30, 2008

Historical Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Thomas Cavendish, the Duke of Wyndham, has been engaged to Lady Amelia Willoughby since they both were children, babies actually.  He has always known his duties and responsibilities since inheriting his title Ė one of which is Amelia.  He knows he is going to marry her but he wants to do it on his own time and on his own terms.  However, with the arrival of Jack Audley, Thomasí life turns upside down in more way than one.  His most perplexing thought revolves around Amelia because while she is expecting to marry the Duke of Wyndham, she is also expecting the Duke of Wyndham to be him.  And, since Jackís arrival, things arenít looking so good in that direction. 

Amelia has always known she would marry Thomas, the Duke of Wyndham.  She doesnít understand why he is taking his time in setting a date.  After all, she isnít getting any younger and if his grandmother is to be believed, she is not getting any prettier either. Amelia knows that Thomas doesnít think about her all that often, if at all.  Besides the fact that he has yet to set a wedding date, Amelia has to contend with being on the outside of his life looking in.  When his grandmother kidnaps the highwayman that held them up and claims he is a long lost cousin, a cousin that could be the true heir to Wyndham, Ameliaís world turns upside down.  She might be engaged to the Duke of Wyndham but it is Thomas that she wants.  

I often wonder how many times in our history that something like this has happened to an heir or supposed heir or royalty.  Thomas never thought he would become a duke, especially since his father was a third son.  When he was made the Duke of Wyndham, he accepted his lot and life and went about being the best that he could.  And this is where MR. CAVENDISH, I PRESUME caught my attention the most and held me spellbound.  Thomas was thrust out of his norm and suddenly the life that he had lived his entire existence became a lie of mass proportions.  Thomas took it in stride and while my heart broke into tiny pieces for what he lost, I had to smile more than once at the attitude and fortitude that Thomas showed in the face of adversity.  If I had one thing I didnít like about him it was his ability to hurt Ameliaís feelings, or rather, his manner of speaking without thinking.  More than once he made her upset and while he didnít mean to, I wanted him to guard his words just a bit more so as to respect her feelings.  Ameliaís life was turned around just as much as Thomasí and I found her to be a real trouper.  She loved Thomas no matter what and that unconditional love is exactly what he needed.   

MR. CAVENDISH, I PRESUME is the second installment of the Two Dukes of Wyndham series.  It is, however, completely standalone but I do recommend reading The Lost Duke of Wyndham to get the full effect of this wonderful series.  Julia Quinn has written a delightful oftentimes emotional historical romance I couldnít put down. MR. CAVENDISH, I PRESUME is a must-read for lovers of historical romance. I wildly recommend it!


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