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Comrades in Arms

Jackie Barbosa












Cobblestone Press

Release Date:
November 14, 2008

Historical Romance
Ménage M/M/F
Gay/Lesbian M/M/F


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Lieutenant Heath Wetherill comes from a good family and is expected to marry well and sire future heirs.  Now that the war on the continent is over and he is returning home, his elation at the end of fighting is turning to despair when he thinks about the one person he will miss the most – his lover, Lord Charles Langdon.  Heath and Charles have been lovers and COMRADES IN ARMS for over a year.  Each love the other very much but as citizens of the British nobility, their love can never be spoken aloud.  Heath’s heart breaks over having to give up Charles, and he will, he has no other choice.  Or does he? 

Lord Charles Langdon is returning stateside and is unable to contain his excitement at seeing his wife again.  The only damper on his otherwise perfect day is the thought of being without Heath for the rest of his life.  When Isabella, his wife, meets Heath for the first time on the docks and her eyes light up in pleasure, Charles is hesitant to hope for a future with both his wife and the man he loves.  It’s a good thing he has faith and has never given up hope because his wife is about to make his dreams a reality. 

COMRADES IN ARMS was simply beautiful.  The imagery of Charles and Heath in the throes of the despair as they thought about losing the other made me teary more than once.  I found both men realistically characterized and simply too divine for words.  Add in Charles’ mischievous wife Isabella and I smiled at the love the married couple shared. Their marriage was more open than most at this period of time in history and Isabella’s acceptance of Heath is refreshing and without artifice.  Add in her desire to make Heath a part of she and Charles’ family and my ménage loving soul was ecstatic.  I especially signed in contentment when given a glimpse of this family five years down the road and am happy to report that happy endings do happen! 

Jackie Barbosa has penned a wicked and delightful homoerotic love story within a ménage setting.  Heath and Charles’ love is evident in every touch and breath the men shared.  The addition of Isabella to the couple was a strike of pure gold on Ms. Barbosa’s part and more than completed this wonderful story.  

COMRADES IN ARMS released November 14, 2008 from Cobblestone Press.  I couldn’t get enough of this great story and have thrilled to have found a new author to watch!





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