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Carnally Ever After

Jackie Barbosa














Cobblestone Press

Release Date:
August 2007

Historical Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
November 2008


Louisa Bennett is mortified.  Today is her wedding day and her groom has stood her up.  Of course, it is all her fault according to her parents. If she was just prettier or thinner or even more interesting she would have never been left standing at the altar.  Louisa knows one thing however.  She is glad that she didn’t get married today because the man she really wants – the man she craves above all others – is quietly standing before her ready to take her up on the request she just made of him. 

Alistair de Roche thinks he just might be hearing things.  The voluptuous beauty that is his best friend’s fiancé has just asked him to give her a wedding night.  Alistair knows he has no business going to his town home with the jilted bride but since she is the only woman he can think about, he has no choice but to agree.   

Every touch, every kiss makes each of them fall harder for the other.  But their love is not meant to be.  Louisa has been ordered to marry her wayward groom in a week’s time and Alistair has signed papers betrothing himself to a young woman of society.  The thought of Alistair marrying makes Louisa sick and she does the one thing guaranteed to make her unsuitable.  She goes to Alistair as a mistress never realizing that he wants her for his bride. 

CARNALLY EVER AFTER is right! Jackie Barbosa pulls no punches with this intense and fiery historical novel!  

Alistair de Roche is a man after my own heart.  Loyal to his best friend, when the best friend did not deserve his loyalty, Alistair has secretly loves Louisa since the first time he met her.  Everything about her captivates Alistair and his ability to see past her outer shell into the passionate woman inside is swoon worthy!  His attraction to her is instantaneous and though he wants to do the right thing, and does where her virginity is concerned, Alistair is not untouched by their encounter.  Shaken to the core, he thinks about her and dreams about her.  It isn’t until she sees her at his home, where she has no business being, that he realizes he is not going to let her go.  Society will eventually get over the scandal is what he is thinking and I am so glad he decided to grasp the lover Louisa offered him. 

Louisa is a typical society miss.  Having no choice but to follow the whims of her parents and marry the person they tell her to.  Secretly pleased at having been stood up, I found her adventurous spirit with Alistair sensual and very naughty.  She had guts in a time when women were chattel and I loved watching her make up her own mind and shape her own destiny. 

Don’t miss CARNALLY EVER AFTER.  It is a romantic interlude like none I have read before! Jackie Barbosa is officially on my new authors ‘to watch’ list!



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