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Bond of Darkness
A Novel of Texas Vampires, Book 3

Diane Whiteside















Berkley Trade

Release Date:
October 7, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
December 2008


Stephanie Reynolds, Steve as she prefers, is on the trail of a murderer.  As a Texas Ranger, she has heard and just about seen it all but when the deaths of young women Ė otherwise healthy young women Ė begin occurring at an alarming rate and can not be explained, Steve knows that the killer she is searching for is not normal.  How does she know this? She is the lover of a vampire.  She knows that the foul entity that is murdering these women could be nothing less than what her lover is and actually, if she is honest, the killer could in fact, be her lover.   

Vampire Ethan Templeton is the protector of the most influential and powerful vampire in Texas.  As the leader of his bossí military, Ethan has more duties to fulfill than he actually wants.  His patron is not an easy man to protect to say the least and Ethan has his hands full trying to protect him as well as making sure that other vampire clans do not come to Texas with the intent of overthrowing his boss.  If things could get worse, they would but Ethan doubts it.  Now he has to contend with the deaths of several young women that put him in the direct line of suspicion.  Ethan is innocent but isnít so sure that Steve, his lover, believes him.   

If one thing is certain in BOND OF DARKNESS, it is the fact that Steve and Ethan love each other.  They trust each other; after all, they have been lovers for over fifteen years and the only reason Steve is not a vampire is because Ethanís boss has a strict rule against turning humans.  Ethan fights with this knowledge and I could sense his absolute longing and desire to make Steve his forever.  Steve loved Ethan just as much.  She wanted to believe and him and while I think her job made her less trusting, I honestly think that she trusted Ethan explicitly.  Their every touch was sensual and gratifying to read.   

BOND OF DARKNESS surprised me completely and in a good way.  I felt before I started that I had read every type of vampire novel alive and unrightfully judged this novel before I started.  I knew it would be a good read, Diane Whiteside does not write anything less, but I wasnít sure if it would be original.  What a marvelous read BOND OF DARKNESS turned out to be!  The world of the Texas Vampires just wound its way around my heart and before I knew what was happening, I had engulfed the entire novel in one sitting.  The sensuality and love of the two main characters was especially noteworthy because they truly belonged together.   

BOND OF DARKNESS not only captured my attention but it held it steadfast the entire book.  Suspenseful, sexy, and seductive, BOND OF DARKNESS will hold you enslaved and not let go.  And frankly, I did not want it to.  

BOND OF DARKNESS released October 7, 2008 and since it is the third installment of a series, I highly recommend reading the first two novels of this addicting series.   

The Texas Vampires Series

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