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Best Laid Plans

Cat Kane













Liquid Silver Books

Release Date:
August 2008

Contemporary Romance
Gay/Lesbian M/M


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Eliott Bailey is a wedding planner and coordinator.  Well, not that exactly.  Eliott is a RUINED wedding planner and consultant.  His latest wedding was one fiasco after another but when the supposedly trained hawk entertaining guest swooped down and murdered an innocent dove in the presence of the bride, groom, and guests, the nail was driven home on Eliott’s coffin.  No one will call him and his business is slowly dying.  When he is asked out of the blue to plan the perfect society wedding between Veronica and Dylan, Eliott jumps at the chance to redeem himself and his business.  

Dylan hates telling lies.  He does so because to tell the truth would mean being disowned for his sexual preferences.  So, he and his friend Veronica come up with a scheme to enlist the services of the accident prone wedding planner that made the news with the hope of horrifying his and her parents enough that they wouldn’t insist on his and Veronica’s marriage.  Dylan doesn’t count on his attraction to Eliott but he is steadfast.  He and Veronica have to plan the biggest and most expensive wedding for show.  But deep down inside, Dylan would love nothing more than to keep Eliott in his arms, as his partner, for life. 

Poor Eliott.  I found myself getting tickled at the disastrous wedding he had planned at the beginning of the book and when the falcon gulped down a white wedding dove tears were running down my face.  I worried that Eliott would not be able to ever live down that unfortunate series of events.  Hope came in the form of Veronica and Dylan. 

Veronica and Dylan were posing as an engaged couple with the hopes of appeasing their interfering families. Veronica was in love with another man, one whom her parents would never allow her to be with. Dylan, well, Dylan wasn’t in love with anyone but upon meeting Eliott his attraction for the handsome wedding consultant grew stronger every day.  Getting Eliott to let down his inhibitions was beautiful and the scenes in which the two men were together were well written and very steamy.   

At first I thought BEST LAID PLANS was going to be a ménage.  When I found out that it was not, I was not disappointed in the least because no matter who was involved and what genre, Cat Kane has written BEST LAID PLANS in such a way that the reader can feel the emotions of the characters and almost picture themselves taking part in each scene. 

BEST LAID PLANS was simply fabulous.  Some humor, lots of emotion, sexy love scenes. I could not have asked for more. 


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Best Laid Plans by Cat Kane














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