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Strictly Business

Cat Grant













Lyrical Press

Release Date:
September 15, 2008

Contemporary Romance
Gay/Lesbian M/M


Bookmark Rating:
3 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Businessman Eric Courtland is his fatherís son.  At least in the ways of running a business.  While Eric and his father never got along or had any sort of amicable father/son relationship, Eric did learn to run the family business and has been appointed CEO.  When Eric catches his father wheeling and dealing under the table, Eric wants to do his best to make sure that his father pays for everything he has ever done to him and his now deceased mother.  When his father gets off without even a fine and Eric is replaced as CEO of the familyís company, Eric wants revenge.  Despite his trepidations and hesitation concerning taking on a new partner, Eric forges a partnership with Branford Crane, a ruthless businessman who wants to own him body and soul.  When Eric doesnít come around to Branfordís way of thinking, times get tough.  At least for Eric.  Branfordís special Ďbrandí of punishment and domination often leave Eric breathless and wondering why he keeps coming back for more. After all, he is loved by Nick Thompson, his former lover and roommate.  When Branford sends Eric on an errand to set up a fellow businessman, enough is enough.  Eric knows then and there that the hold Branford has over him must stop and it must stop now.   

STRICTLY BUSINESS, the prequel to The Arrangement, is about Eric and Nickís life prior to Ally and Ericís marriage.  Eric wants revenge on his father for aiding in the swift death of his mother by neglect.  I canít say that I blame him. Ericís father is not a nice man. Ericís characterization is tough to get a handle on. One minute he wants to apologize to his lover and best friend Nick, but then in the next scene he is being dominated by another lover. I like Nickís character much more than Ericís although I wanted Nick to basically tell Eric it was over and find someone else to love. Alas, you canít help who you love and so with incredible strength and loyalty, Nick stuck in there and just loved Eric from afar.  Branfordís character is easy to describe. I disliked every bit of him.  From the top of his head to the tips of his expensively clad feet I found him distasteful and can still not understand what Eric found in him.   

The prequel to The Arrangement, STRICTLY BUSINESS is exclusively homoerotic.  The scenes between Branford and Eric are heady and at times hard to read; especially when Branford begins his sadomasochist phase.  The love scenes between Eric and Nick are emotional and you can tell that each loves the other. I found it a worthy start to their highly intense and emotionally bonded lives.  STRICTLY BUSINESS released in September from Lyrical Press.



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Strictly Business by Cat Grant













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