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Switching Control
Club Rio Bravo, Book 2

Ann Jacobs














Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 3, 2008

Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
October 2008


Dr. Tom Latimer is a sexual Dominant and as such is part of the BDSM scene.  He wants nothing more than to find a woman in which to satisfy his need for kink as well as his need to participate in the respectful society he is also a part of due to his medical career.  Unsure of ever being able to find such a woman, Tom basically goes through the motions at his favorite BDSM club with his favorite submissive. Working over a sub at the club, Tom sees someone new that catches his eyes – Selena Harrison – a female Domme clad in tight black and before Tom even has time to think about what he is doing, he orders her to his side.  When she immediately obeys, Tom’s heart flutters and he knows without a doubt that the Domme standing before him just might be the submissive woman of his dreams.   

Selena Harrison is striving to get her life back on track after suffering spousal abuse and a painful divorce.  She is not a small woman and has hang-ups about her size as well as her attractiveness to men.  Her former husband spent a lot of time working on her mind and it shows. It is going to take a special man to convince Selena that she is beautiful.  Tom Latimer looks like he might be just the man to do it much to Selena’s dismay.  She wants Tom very much but is unsure if she can be what he wants and what he needs in the long run.

Nothing is better to me than an Ann Jacobs’ BDSM novel.  Having loved her writing since reading A Mutual Favor three years ago, I lie in wait for every new release.  SWITCHING CONTROL is one such novel.  Introduced to Tom in a previous release, I yearned for him to find a woman to be with that was worthy of him.  Tom is not just a Dom, he lives and breathes his dominant nature but he does it with an inner strength and respectability that I can’t get enough of.  His treatment of Selena was innately gorgeous.  He loved her but in loving her he did his best to convince her that she was a beautiful woman which was tough but I had faith in him.   

Selena was a Domme in sheep’s clothing. She reminded me so much of a brave little girl doing her best to try and ignore things that made her frightened.  Selena wanted to ignore the seriousness of her relationship with Tom because in ignoring the feelings she had for Tom would make it easier when he left her.  That is what she kept telling herself because if she was honest with herself, she loved Tom Latimer more than she ever thought she could love another man after the mind games her former husband put her through.  It’s a good thing Tom was the man he was because lesser men would have left, which is what Selena thought she wanted.  When she decided to switch control and place her heart in Tom’s hands Selena’s life became complete. 

SWITCHING CONTROL is scorching hot with erotic loves scenes and romantic dialogue between the main characters.  More than once I found myself immersed in SWITCHING CONTROL so much that everything ceased to exist for the time it took me to read this wonderfully written book.  If Ann Jacobs is not on your TBR list, she should be!  Her work is just that amazing.


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