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The Dragon Master
Dragon Series, Book 3

Allyson James
















Berkley Sensation

Release Date:
November 4, 2008

Contemporary Romance
Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
December 2008


Carol Juan is trying to get her grandmother into the modern age.  A successful businesswoman in her own right, Carol is gnashing her teeth trying to get her grandmotherís family owned and operated restaurant from losing more customers due to its lack of modern conveniences.  When a naked man runs into her outside of the restaurant in the alley, Carol is reluctantly attracted to the man but still a bit scared of him as well.  Especially since he is accusing her of summoning him to her side.  Confused as to what he means and not really understanding why he has singled her out, Carol is even more astonished to find out that dragons are not myths but living and breathing creatures and in fact, she knows several.    

Seth continues to believe that Carol summoned him to her and if that isnít bad enough, he can smell that she is the woman for him.  It will take a lot of convincing to make this independent woman bind herself to him but Seth knows that their attraction will make all the difference in the world.  With his appearance, Carolís true calling comes to light and that is where their loyalty to each other will be tested.   

Seth was insatiably sexy.  Manly to the core of his being, he was aware of Carol and everything about her.  His trust in her was hesitant at first; okay, actually it was nil.  He didnít trust her and he didnít understand her.  As time went on, however, Seth began to see the woman underneath Carolís persona and fall in love with her.   

I disliked Carol immediately and her early characteristics almost ruined THE DRAGON MASTER for me.  I found the way she talked to and thought about her grandmother offensive and more than once I wanted to shake her.  Her disregard for her roots and her grandmotherís heritage didnít endear her to me either. She came across as being a know-it-all and as much as I love independent women, she seemed just too opinionated and unattractive to me.  Had she been written with just an ounce of pride for her grandmother or had I somehow sensed she cared about her grandmother and her family I would have given THE DRAGON MASTER five bookmarks.  Since Carol came across as condescending and wrapped up in herself, I just didnít like her Ė at the bookís beginning.   

With the above said, I am happy to note that Carolís character went through a type of metamorphosis.  Everything that she thought was real and true was not and her belief system had to take a one hundred degree turn from the normal and sedate to myths and shape shifting dragons.  Fascinated by Seth but wary of him at the same time, Carol was cautious at best and while Seth forced her to see and listen and open her mind to mystical things.  Their relationship is intense and sensual and each has to learn how to deal with the other.  Overcoming obstacles is what they did best; other than love each other.  Above all THE DRAGON MASTER is about love.   

Be aware that THE DRAGON MASTER is the third book of Allyson Jamesí Dragon series and readers will be more than confused if they have not read the first two installments.  Secondary characters will be introduced throughout THE DRAGON MASTER and if the prior novels have not been read, then the reader will not get the full effect of these handsome and sensual dragons.   

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