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Tall, Dark and Kilted
Highland Paranormal Series, Book 3

Allie MacKay

















Release Date:
November 4, 2008

Paranormal Romance
Contemporary Romance
Time Travel


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Reviewed by
Natalie S.

Review Posted:
December 2008


Seven hundred years ago, Sir Hardwin de Studley of Seagrave refused to allow a traveling band inside his home while he was entertaining.  This lack of hospitality cost him – he has been cursed for eternity for his rudeness.  His curse? Hardwin has been consigned to spend his immortality pleasing a different woman every single night.  After years of enduring the infinite supply of women who want nothing more than the pleasure he can give them, Hardwin has had enough.  He asks the Dark One to intercede and rid him of his curse.  The Dark One is more than happy to allow Hardwin some respite; all he has to do is go one year and a day without becoming sexually aroused.  Not a problem for Hardwin, or so he thinks.  He has yet to see Cilla Swanner, a guest in Dunroamin Castle.   

Cilla Swanner has traveled Scotland to visit her aunt and uncle who live in Dunroamin Castle.  Cilla makes elaborate jewelry out of broken china but ever since her boyfriend broke up with her, she has not been able to get anyone to commission any pieces.  Faced with not being able to pay her bills, Cilla comes to Scotland hoping to relax and rethink her business plan.  Her first day there, she is astonished and almost faints when she sees a huge Scottish man move in a poster.  Not believing her eyes, she thinks she is going crazy, especially when the voices start.  Cilla refuses to give in to her thoughts that ghosts exist except for one thing.  This ghost in particular is breathtakingly handsome and Cilla is attracted to him in ways she shouldn’t be.   

Cilla and Hardwin fall in love, despite his promise to the Dark One.  He does everything he can think of to not give in and I smiled more than once at his dilemma.  If there was one thing Hardwin knew, it was that Cilla was his and he wanted her badly.  Never believing that he would ever find a woman, Hardwin almost let her pass him by.  Working together to get to the bottom of forces rising to demonic proportions, Cilla and her man continue to fall in love all the while trying to figure out why they are seeing hellish demons and hags.   

Witty to the point that I laughed out loud more than once, I have to admit that Hardwin’s nickname made me giggle in hilarity.  His predicament, while serious, was almost comical, especially with the only item he used to hide his arousal – a round shield.  More than one ghost teased Hardwin but the laugh was on them because by the end of TALL, DARK AND KILTED, he was one happy Scottish warrior.   

TALL, DARK AND KILTED is outlandishly funny one minute and seductively sensual the next.  Never expecting to find true love, both the heroine and her hero had to adjust to the feelings each invoked in the other.  Allie MacKay has written TALL, DARK AND KILTED in such a way that makes the reader truly believe in the idea of happily ever after.  Grab a plaid and your favorite kilt – readers won’t want to miss this amusing and romantic time travel romance. 



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