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Devilís Pact

Samantha Cruise















Siren Publishing, Inc.

Release Date:
October 2007

Mťnage M/F/M


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October 2008


The Devilís Spawn is what they call the Outlaw Devin Spawn.  He is a man without a conscience and a tough as nails exterior.  He does what he pleases and doesnít think twice about it.  He is the epitome of a dark and deadly bad boy who goes where he wants and never looks back.  That is until one faithful night, on his way home after hearing news of his fatherís failing health Devin runs across a beautiful young woman bathing in a nearby lake.  Devin is a demon to the urges that ride him hard and being away from a woman during his travels has pushed him to his limits.  Devising a plan of seduction he asks for one simple thing Ė a kiss. A burning passion soon takes control that neither is able to deny.  However, afterwards Devin finds out that he has just been with none other then his fatherís wife, Megan Spawn.  Shocked to the core he finds some amusement in the situation. Mostly he feels a burning jealousy Ė the kind of which he has never felt before at knowing that he is unable to fully claim Megan as his own. 

Returning to his fatherís ranch with Megan, Devin soon learns that he has two little sisters from one of his fatherís previous wives.  He is also the sole guardian of them and Megan once his father passes.  Unable to stand the thought of being forced to stay and take care of Megan and his sisters Devin sets up a plan with the help of the local doctor Caleb.  Caleb has a history with Megan and loves her.  He has been biding his time until she would be free to marry him.  Devin hopes that Caleb will take his place as Meganís protector and makes a secret pact.  However, things donít always go according to plan and Devin soon finds himself unable to leave Megan.  Sharing her with Caleb he tries to deny his love for her, but knows that he is only lying to himself. 

All I have to say about this book in two words is INCREDIBLY HOT. I had to keep a fan on as I read through the pages.  Samantha Cruise hits the nail on the head with this erotic western which was scorching enough to cause smoke signals.  The chemistry between the ruggedly handsome outlaw Devin and Megan sizzled off the pages.  Adding Caleb into the mix was icing on the cake.  With these two strong alpha males intent on pleasuring one women and receiving pleasure in return I felt like I was right there with them.  What made the story so enticing was the development of these characters.  I was always left guessing about what choices they would make.  They were dynamic and kept me well entertained.   

Along with the character development the story kept you enthralled with what would happen next.  There were many surprise elements thrown in along the way which only added to the overall appeal.  The love scenes in this story were some of the most imaginative and well written scenarios I have read.  I could feel the passion between the characters sizzle on the page as I read them.  I have to admit DEVILíS PACT was unlike any romance I have read before.  The love between the characters is bold, harsh, and demanding.  Readers beware this book can burn and will leave you feeling needy.  But I have to admit that Samantha Cruise has added a new flavor to my reading list.  I will be interested in reading anything Samantha Cruise decides to write in the future.



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