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A Strangerís Bed
The Delaney Series, Book 1

Sophia Rae















The Wild Rose Press

Release Date:
November 21, 2007

Contemporary Romance


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October 2008


For Chloe Adkins, a road trip across the Midwest offers the perfect opportunity to sort out her life.  But just after she crosses the Ohio border, a summer storm and a near-empty gas tank force her to stop at a small Bed and Breakfast.  And when Chloe meets the B&Bís sexy owner, she finds that her road trip has suddenly lost its appeal. 

Marcus Delaney is doing all he can to try and save his familyís B&B, so when a much-needed customer appears at his door, heís more than happy to have her stay.  Of course, the fact that sheís one of the sexiest women heís ever seen doesnít hurt either.  When Chloe suggests a weekend of no-strings-attached sex, the temptation to mix pleasure with business becomes too much for Marcus to resist. 

A STRANGERíS BED is one of those books I read and wonder why such situations donít happen in reality.  I must confess, after reading Marcus and Chloeís story, I was tempted to drive out during the first storm of the season and see if I could come across a Marcus of my own.  Sadly, logic prevailed, but the urge to do so is testament to Sophia Raeís talent in creating an incredibly desirable hero. 

Marcus is the epitome of the perfect hero.  Heís strong, capable, patient, and caring Ė a perfect match for Chloe.  Chloe is one of those quintessentially charming heroines. Sheís sweet, but vulnerable and there is nothing not to like about her.  She both wants and fears love, and makes mistakes because of that.  They fit well together, their abilities complimenting one anotherís even before they realize theyíre falling in love.  As for Sara and Luke, Marcusís siblings, they too are likeable and interesting and I was definitely eager to read their stories after A STRANGERíS BED

Perhaps if I could wish for one thing it would be more complexity to the story.  Obstacles at times seem too easily overcome, which perhaps lightens the emphasis on the charactersí growth.  Conversely, one of the charms of A STRANGERíS BED is that it is simply a charming story. 

A STRANGERíS BED is the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy day.  Itís sexy, fun, and will leave you with a smile on your face.  Chloe and Marcus are both endearing characters Iíd love to know, were they real.  The love scenes are undeniably hot, so donít bother to turn up the heat before reading.  The next time it rains, I recommend curling up with A STRANGERíS BED and staying for a spell with Marcus and Chloe.  Just make sure the car keys are kept far away.


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A Strangerís Bed:  The Delaney Series, Book 1 by Sophia Rae

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