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Goddess of the Sea
The Goddess Summoning Series, Book 1

P.C. Cast
















Berkley Sensation

Release Date:
October 7, 2003

Fairy Tale
Time Travel
Paranormal Romance
Shape Shifter


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

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Review Posted:
November 2008


United States Air Force Sgt. Christine Canady, CC to most, wishes for more magic in her life on her 25th birthday. She soon gets her wish, albeit in an unconventional way. Her cargo transport plane crashes into the ocean on the way to her next assignment and CC finds herself switching bodies, and times, with the mermaid Undine, who’s desperate to escape the sea.  

CC soon understands the beautiful Undine’s desperation as she meets Undine’s half brother Sarpedon. The merman wants Undine for himself and thinks to take what he wants, despite Undine’s, and now CC’s, wishes. CC’s pleas to the goddess Gaea, Undine’s mother, are answered and Gaea gives CC legs to escape to the land, as well as a warning that she must return to her true form every third night. Just as CC is about to return to land, though, she meets a merman, Dylan, who intrigues her.  

She can’t stay in the sea with Sarpedon after her, so she washes up on a beach where she’s found by a medieval knight and taken to a nearby monastery where she can “recover” her supposedly lost memories. She soon finds the monks’ superstitions and beliefs stifling to her modern-day notions of a woman’s place in the scheme of things and realizes it will be harder than she thought to be separated from the sea and Dylan. 

I’d never read P.C. Cast, but must say I really enjoyed GODDESS OF THE SEA Ms. Cast takes a lonely U.S. Air Force sergeant and puts her in a situation totally outside her realm of experience. The great part? It’s an experience she actually asked for on her 25th birthday when she wished for some magic in her life.  

CC gets her wish and finds herself in a new body and a new time and place with two hunky males who vie for her attention: one a merman and one an actual medieval knight in shining armor.  

GODDESS OF THE SEA chronicles CC’s journey in a strange time and place as she struggles to be true to herself while living in a time that wasn’t always kind to women. She changes some minds and perceptions along the way while coming up against the hard-headedness and fanaticism of the monastery’s Abbot William, who holds a great deal of sway in her new world.  

As CC continues to slip away to the ocean to resume her mermaid form every third night, she learns to appreciate Dylan’s qualities and falls in love with him. Unfortunately, Sarpedon is never far away and even starts to influence matters on land when she’s around. And she’s got the handsome Sir Andras, the knight who found her, sniffing around and hoping for a relationship.  

Ms. Cast offers some interesting twists and turns in the story, which I always appreciate, and she leads up to a showdown between Sarpedon, Gaea, Undine’s father, Lir, King of the Sea, Dylan, CC, and the humans who are caught in the middle. What happens next changes things for everyone. 

I can definitely recommend GODDESS OF THE SEA to anyone who enjoys a good personal journey story as well as romance, magic, gods and goddesses, mer-people and some wicked bad guys. I’m already looking around for another P.C. Cast book to devour.



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