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Ambient Light

Mandy M. Roth













Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 2008

Menage M/F/M
Shape Shifter


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November 2008


Vampire Yates Colyer has waited centuries for someone who calls to his soul, someone to spend his life with. When he sees a picture of a beautiful, violet-eyed woman in a magazine, his fascination with her leads him to wonder if she’s the one destined to be his mate. 

When Kelly gets a call from famed photographer Yates Colyer asking her to model for him, she’s excited at the opportunity. Just the sound of his voice on the phone stimulates her senses and makes her wonder what it will be like to actually meet the reclusive Yates. 

Once they’re together, passion explodes between them and Yates makes Kelly his own. He doesn’t expect to find out that Kelly has a secret of her own … she’s a shapeshifter, and shapeshifters and vampires share a long history of animosity. When Yates finds out and pushes Kelly away, will she return to her shapeshifter life and the friend who’d like to be a friend with benefits, or will she and Yates find a way to put aside their differences and live together in harmony? 

I always enjoy a Mandy Roth book, and this one’s no exception. Although short, there’s a lot of heat packed into the pages of AMBIENT LIGHT.  

Yates is a dominant vampire male who never expected to meet his mate. Once he does, it takes everything he has to hold on to her. He first sees her in the pages of a magazine and can’t get her off his mind. When he goes in search of her, he knows she’s the one meant for him. Now all he has to do is convince her. Yates is a yummy male who’s had a long time to think about what he wants. He’s also had centuries to perfect his lovemaking skills. Kelly gets the ride(s) of her life (pun intended) when he enters her life. There’s just one problem. Vampires and shapeshifters don’t mix. Yates has to decide what’s more important to him – a lifetime with Kelly or holding on to old prejudices and hate. 

Kelly is a beautiful model, who also happens to be a panther shapeshifter. She doesn’t sense the vampire in Yates when she meets him and falls under his spell. Once she knows, it’s too late for her. He’s claimed her and she’s already started to care about him. When he finds out about her special heritage and spurns her, Kelly runs from Yates and what they’ve started. When her old friend Jax, shows up, Kelly faces a decision about whether to stay with what’s familiar or give love another shot.  

Despite the shortness of the story, Kelly and Yates, and even Jax, do manage to do some growing as characters. The distrust and animosity between the vampire and shifter community provides a believable barrier they have to overcome in order to be together. Overall, though, the book is just plain hot! Yates is a demanding lover and Kelly keeps right up with him. If you’re looking for a book that will provide a blast of heat during these cold winter months, look no further. AMBIENT LIGHT will fit the bill.



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