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Made for Two Champions
Made for Two, Book 4

Madison Hayes















Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 2008

Menage M/F/M
Science Fiction


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November 2008


Spaceforce Lt. Matchstick Maloney is minding his own business and sleeping his way through the available population of women on the planet eYona when he spies a beautiful woman and his focus changes from all women of eYona to this one woman he must have.  

The woman turns out to be the queen of eYona and she’s about to reach her 24th birthday, when, by tradition, she’ll take her first lover, a champion of contests held to determine who will sleep by her side, protect her and advise her for one year.  

Matchstick determines that if the only way to have her is to win the contests, he will be Yarionna’s champion. Unfortunately, he’s got some heavy competition, including Camp, a eYona warrior who’s been training for six years just for the chance to become Yari’s champion.  

With the well-being of her planet at stake, can Yari take the impetuous, handsome Earther seriously when she knows the solid, steady Camp is the more rational choice? 

This book rocked! From the beginning where you get a sense of Matchstick’s supreme bachelor status to the moment he sees Yari and fixes all his intensity on her, Ms. Hayes weaves a story of two men determined to win the same woman and that woman’s struggles against her own feelings as she fights to do what’s best for her planet.

Matchstick is used to coming out on top, but he has to face the possibility of never being with Yari if he can’t win the contests. He’s up against warriors who’ve trained for years and it takes all his ingenuity and skill to carve out his own place in Yari’s world. 

Camp, the eYona warrior, has loved Yarionna for a long time. He’s trained hard to make sure he’s as capable as possible to take his place at Yari’s side as her champion. When the Earther, Matchstick, seems to be putting the moves on the queen, Camp knows he has to try to take the queen’s focus away from the brash Spaceforce lieutenant and back to himself. He may have been in training for this moment for six years, but he’s still got some  moves in the bedroom to impress his queen. 

 Yarionna approaches her 24th birthday with some dread. According to the custom of her planet, the queen must take a champion for a year on her 24th birthday. She notices Matchstick as he continually breaks protocol to attract her attention. He’s a handsome devil and makes her heart pound faster, but he’s not one of her subjects. She’s also attracted to Camp, who is one of the favorites to win the championship, and she feels it’s more advantageous to show her favor to him than to give any credence to Matchstick’s pursuit. Still, when the three of them are together, sparks fly. Matchstick and Camp both want Yarionna and both are dominant men. Their antics as they try to out-seduce Yari are as funny as they are hot.  

I’d definitely recommend MADE FOR TWO CHAMPIONS to everyone who loves a good ménage. It’s an interesting story, the sex scenes are scorching and the characters mesh well together. Although this book could stand alone, it is part of a series and is more easily understood if read in order. Plus, it’s no hardship to read the series. They’re all great books and leave the reader wanting more. I think “Made for Two Champions” may be my favorite of the series so far, but I’d have to go back and reread the others again to be sure. That wouldn’t be a chore. At all.



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