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Love in Mysterious Ways

Madison Blake














Ellora’s Cave

Release Date:
October 2008

Gay/Lesbian M/M/F
Contemporary Romance
Menage M/M/F


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October 2008


Lindsay and Brent have been happily married for five years. Their sex life is varied and hot, but there’s something Lindsay’s always fantasized about … a ménage. Brent’s secure enough in their love and marriage after five years that he feels ready to indulge Lindsay’s deepest, darkest fantasy. Who to choose as their third, though?  

Rory’s been Brent’s best friend since they were kids. Now he’s a good friend to both Lindsay and Brent as well as being Brent’s partner in a law office. When Brent approaches him about being their third, he’s intrigued, but wants to take things slowly.  

When Lindsay, Brent and Rory agree to take part in a how-to film about loving, though, their explosive chemistry takes over and they find they just can’t wait anymore. 

I enjoyed this book. Lindsay and Brent are very comfortable with each other and very adventurous sexually. Brent’s willingness to fulfill Lindsay’s ménage fantasy seems in keeping with their comfort with one another. He knows Lindsay loves him and is sexually satisfied by him, so he’s able to give her something she’s dreamed about, especially since he’s picking their third.  

Lindsay’s always been attracted to Rory but it was never difficult to think of him as only a friend because he just didn’t seem interested in her. Now that she knows Brent is going to ask him about joining them in bed, she’s all for it. As they become closer, though, she starts wondering if she can accept their loving as a one-time-only deal. Plus, she’s started noticing that Brent seems to be just as fascinated by Rory’s body as she is. Can she accept her husband’s growing attraction to another man?  

Brent and Rory change the most in this story. Previously, Brent’s been solidly heterosexual, but after he asks Rory to join him and Lindsay in bed, he starts noticing small details about Rory … and being attracted to him. He’s uncertain how to handle these new feelings and unsure how they will impact his marriage and his friendship with Rory. He doesn’t want to ruin either, but how can he deny his feelings? 

Rory’s suffered heartbreak in the past and has been alone for a long time. When Brent asks him to join them in bed, Rory has to think about it. He wants to take things slowly. That doesn’t last long, though, and things heat up in no uncertain terms once they take part in the how-to movie. Once Brent confesses his attraction, Rory must decide how he wants to proceed. Does he want to explore the possibility of more with Brent, or just stay friends?  

I found it somewhat difficult to accept that two previously heterosexual males could so quickly decide to explore their sexuality by becoming lovers themselves. They had never had sexual feelings toward one another, or other males, before, but once Brent asks Rory about a triad, he starts thinking of him in a more sexual way and the sexual tension builds from there.

LOVE IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS is a very hot book. The characters all share a very powerful chemistry and there’s plenty of sex and very steamy foreplay to enjoy. It’s a fast read at 79 pages, so enjoy the wild ride as Brent, Lindsay and Rory figure out if they want more than a one-night stand.


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