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King of Sword and Sky
Tairen Soul, Book 3

C.L. Wilson














Dorchester Publishing Co.

Release Date:
September 30, 2008

Paranormal Romance


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October 2008


Rain Tairen Soul, king of the Fey, and his bride, Ellysetta Baristani, continue their journey to the home of the Fey, the Fading Lands, on a mission to save the magical tairen. Something is killing the tairen before they’re even born and the rest of the Fading Lands and the Fey have been slowly dying out over the centuries. Rain and Ellie must discover what’s killing the tairen and stifling the Fey while struggling to complete their truemate bond and preparing for war with the Elden mages who already have a hold on Ellie’s soul. 

C.L. Wilson is a master of description. She paints a vivid picture of a world inhabited by magical Fey, fierce tairen, evil mages and humans trying their best to live in a world filled with magic. KING OF SWORD AND SKY is the third in a four-book series about Rain and Ellie. I would definitely recommend reading the first two books in the series, LORD OF THE FADING LANDS and “Lady of Light and Shadows” before attempting KING OF SWORD AND SKY. 

Ms. Wilson delves more into the Fey as a people and shows Ellie’s struggles to be accepted when suspicions are aroused about her intentions. Ellie continues to grow as a person as she leaves her human family behind and enters the Fading Lands. She fights her insecurities as Rain and the Fey look to her to save them. She still fears her magic and the Elden mage’s hold on her soul, and yet the forbidden magic may be the only hope for the tairen. 

Rain faces troubles at home as some Fey are less than pleased that he’s brought home a bride who’s been soul-marked by the Eld. His council ruled in his stead while he fought madness for 1,000 years, and now that he’s mated and stable, he’s ready to rule once more. But are they ready to let him?  

The tairen pride is introduced and their plight becomes heartbreakingly evident. Ellie and Rain race to find a cure as the tairen kits die in their eggs for no apparent reason.  

The evil Elden mages, particularly the High Mage, Vadim Maur, continue to wreak havoc as war breaks out and threatens all Rain and Ellie hold dear. Rain must try to convince his people that fighting to save the humans, and Celieria, is in their best interests. But the Eld have had centuries to plot and plan and won’t be easily defeated. 

I love this series. Ms. Wilson weaves a brilliant story and leaves you wanting more. Ellie is in real danger of losing her soul and becoming what she most fears. Rain may not make it out of the war alive, and even if he does, will he still be king? Vadim Maur could be victorious. Ms. Wilson leaves you guessing and hoping June 2, 2009, and the release of QUEEN OF SONG AND SOULS comes sooner, rather than later.


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