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Glorious Companion

Verna Hargrove














Release Date:
May 1, 2006

Historical Romance Fantasy


Bookmark Rating:

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
June 2008


In ancient Mesopotamia, women had little or no say in the course of their lives, and were often sold into marriage contracts.  Still, Kenana had always hoped to one day marry for love – a dream that was dashed when her own mother’s treachery caused her to be wed to Prince Jubal, a man older than her own father, and who she has held no small measure of distrust for since her childhood days.

Dutiful Kenana determines to make the best of the situation, honoring her wedding vows and fulfilling her wifely responsibilities to the elderly prince.  However, she cannot help but wish for what might have been – especially when her strikingly handsome Guardian Angel, Malluch, returns to her life in a very corporeal form, serving as no small distraction.

Malluch’s mere presence is enough to stir feelings of unrest in Kenana, who holds fast to her resolve to remain faithful to her new husband.  But Malluch’s persistence grows, and the new Princess begins to question his nature – is he truly her Guardian Angel, or a creature with dubious intentions?

Verna Hargrove’s novel GLORIOUS COMPANION is not the kind of story that would normally catch my attention on the shelf in the book store, but having now read it, I am pleased to have been asked to review this delightfully intriguing tale!  Mrs. Hargrove’s prose flows smoothly, providing a story that easily engages the reader from the first chapter.  Her use of modern vernacular in this historical setting engenders a familiarity with the reader, ensuring that even the dialogue will be palatable even to those who may normally be put off by the more alien parlance a historical novel typically employs and thereby broadening her potential audience.

Although it can be classified as a romance, I would not say that romance is the primary genre of this story.  Indeed, to pigeon hole GLORIOUS COMPANION in one genre alone would do a disservice to this book, as it blends aspects from several popular genres – romance, historical, paranormal and even some theological elements. 

Adding to that, this story really has only one main character, Kenana, who is surrounded by several supporting characters.  This is truly Kenana’s tale, and romance happens to be a small part of it, but her journey into womanhood while she uncovers her family’s mystical legacy is the foremost story.

Kenana struggles with the events in her past and present as she attempts to forge her future in this new world she finds herself thrust into as the wife of a royal.  As she takes her place as the Prince’s bride, dark memories from her childhood begin to surface, serving to both explain and exacerbate her feelings of disquiet concerning her new life.  She shows a strength of will and character in her ability to deal with her traumas and accept the situation she finds herself in, albeit without her choice.

GLORIOUS COMPANION ends with some major cliffhangers, leaving the reader with hope for a sequel to this fascinating book.  I know I will be looking forward to it!


NoteThis review was originally written by Jennifer Ray for another review site.  It is being reposted at Wild on Books.


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