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Full Exposure

Tracy Wolff















NAL Trade

Release Date:
January 6, 2009

Contemporary Romance


Bookmark Rating:
4 1/2 Bookmarks!

Reviewed by
Jennifer Ray

Review Posted:
November 2008


The victim of a vicious attack years ago, Serena Macafee has walled her heart away, keeping everyone in her life at armís length.  When she takes a job photographing popular sculptor Kevin Riley for an upcoming book, she finds it impossible to keep him at a distance.  Worse, sheís not sure she even wants to.

Kevin canít stop thinking about the sexy little photographer following his every move.  It doesnít help that she is staying in his house while working on the book.  Proximity and attraction work their magic and before long they find each other in each otherís arms.

It isnít long before Kevin knows he wants this relationship to go all the way, but their romance is plagued with obstacles.  Kevin must break through Serenaís reticence about relationships while protecting her from a dangerous stalker if he is to have any hope at a future with her.

The thing I love most about reviewing books is the opportunity it brings to discover authors that may have otherwise slipped past my attention.  Finding new author Tracy Wolff is a great example of this.  With her book FULL EXPOSURE, she easily puts herself on my list of favorite authors and I am eagerly looking forward to her upcoming releases.

In this story, Ms. Wolff tells the tale of a woman who has experienced unbelievable tragedy yet survived through it Ė although barely.  Her current survival, however, is threatened by an unknown stalker, a man already well past the edge of insanity, but who is pushed even further over that brink as Serena finally finds happiness in new lover Kevin.

Serenaís reaction to the escalating threats from her stalker might at first confuse those of us whose first reaction it would be to report the issues to the police, but for someone whose past experience with law enforcement is less than satisfactory, it might not be so farfetched.  Of course, that little plot point makes for a much more interesting story, as well.

My heart just went out to Serena.  This woman has suffered beyond belief, and is fighting for her own sanity in the only way she knows how.  She has had only herself to depend on for so long that opening up to Kevin is almost as frightening to her as her stalker.  Her pain is palpable, and readerís canít help but feel a great deal of empathy for her.  Watching her as she heals that damaged part of her heart and psyche is a beautiful thing.

Kevin is the perfect man for her.  He is domineering enough to not allow her to hide away from him, yet patient enough to give her the time and space she needs to deal with her issues.

The suspense in FULL EXPOSURE is as important to this story as the romance, and Ms. Wolff does a splendid job weaving the intrigue throughout the plot, peppering the book with slight hints to the villainís identity.  The climactic ending is a heart-stopper, with moments that will make you gasp in fear before leaving you breathing a sigh of relief at the happy ending.

FULL EXPOSURE is an admirable debut into the world of romantic suspense for Tracy Wolff, sure to motivate readers into talking about this book.


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